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Central New Jersey Singing

Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, New Jersey

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The 4th annual Central New Jersey Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Rachel Speer leading 81t. Kelly Macklin offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Nancy Mandel 31b; Dean Jens 565; Alex DiDonato 29t; Jeff Gauthier 99; Guy Bankes 311; Leon Pulsinelle 57; Dan Hunter 435; Andre Kuney 144; Claire Simon 171; Sara Beaber-Fujioka and Alexandra Fujioka 31t; Emma Rose Brown 283.


Corinne Ducey called the class back to order by leading 82t. Leaders: Charles Biada 89; Katy Hunter 546; Rachel Hall 205; Sarah Lott 312b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 326; Krista Guerrieri 384; John delRe 197; Steve Cackley 29b; Greg Vallette 28b; Kelly Macklin 351; Patti Gibney 501; Jesse Krikorian 196; Corinne Ducey 32b; Ina Shea 428; Claire Simon 122; Sara Beaber-Fujioka and Alexandra Fujioka 34b; Emma Rose Brown 30t; Jeff Gauthier 411; Guy Bankes 151.


Dean Jens led 319 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 125; Sarah Lott 528; Bethany Towne 300; Andre Kuney 475; Steve Cackley 423; Charles Biada 422; Krista Guerrieri 276.

Rachel Speer led 430 as a memorial lesson. The following sick and housebound were named: Bill Davis and Ethel Strube. The following deceased were remembered and honored: Oliver Kindig-Stokes and Betty Hanf—Pennsylvania; Ann Henry—New York; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Leon J. Pulsinelle and Joe Neighmond—New Jersey; Toney Smith and Gary Smith—Alabama; and Jacob Ellsworth.

Leaders: Ina Shea 429; Nancy Mandel 278t; Greg Vallete 277; Katy Hunter 345b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 396; Jesse Krikorian 35; Kelly Macklin 404; Bethany Towne 56t. Kelly Macklin offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The singing continued with song selections from The Shenandoah Harmony. Rachel Hall called the class to order by leading 147 (ShH).

Leaders: Dean Jens 236t (ShH); Rachel Speer 109 (ShH); Corinne Ducey 57 (ShH); Dan Hunter 49 (ShH); John delRe 280 (ShH); Rachel Hall 190 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 56 (ShH); Steve Cackley 78 (ShH); Ina Shea 79 (ShH); Kevin Griffin Moreno 129 (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 212 (ShH); Charles Biada 408b (ShH); Guy Bankes 382 (ShH); Emma Rose Brown 127 (ShH); Greg Vallete 202 (ShH); Bethany Towne 101 (ShH); Andre Kuney 305 (ShH); Jesse Krikorian 322 (ShH); Leon Pulsinelle 363 (ShH); Nancy Mandel 114 (ShH).


Kevin Griffin Moreno led 322 (ShH). Leaders: Jeff Gauthier 431 (ShH); Katy Hunter 2 (ShH); Gerald Clark 381 (ShH); John delRe 452 (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 187 (ShH); Steve Cackley 404b (ShH); Rachel Hall 417 (ShH); Rachel Speer 143 (ShH); Corinne Ducey and Kevin Griffin Moreno 76 (ShH); Dean Jens 380 (ShH); Ina Shea 85 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 258 (ShH); Guy Bankes 414 (ShH); Bethany Towne 168 (ShH); Andre Kuney 420 (ShH); Emma Rose Brown 96b (ShH); Greg Vallette 96t (ShH); John delRe 80 (ShH); Gerald Clark 41 (ShH); Charles Biada 164t (ShH); Jesse Krikorian 404t (ShH).

Nancy Mandel led 403 (ShH) as the closing song. Kelly Macklin offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Nancy Mandel; Secretary—Rachel Speer