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Norwich Singing

Princes Street United Reformed Church, Norwich, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The 5th Norwich All-Day singing was called to order by Fynn Titford Mock leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Erin Johnson Williams.

Leaders: Nic Zuppardi 89; Claire Shearman 278t; Alan Williams 84; Dianne Chittock 171; Emma Rock 111b; Cath Saunt 42; Eimear O’Donovan 73t; Vicki Elliot 81t; Julie Russell 34b; Steve Brett 32t; Sarah West 176t; Barry Parsons 179; Kate Kirwan 57; Rachel Wemyss 421; Nick Hall 99; Colin Higgins 296.


Daire O’Sullivan called the class back to order leading 270. Leaders: Toby Goss 178; Sophie Sawicka Sykes 183; James Buckley 315; Teresa Maguire 339; Arthur Swindells 426b; Erin Johnson Williams 391; Ed Johnson Williams 77t; Andrew Clark 73b; Ann Chesterton and Fynn Titford Mock 82t; Amanda Parkes 538; Christopher Lyons 228; Eva Striebeck 368; Katie Ahern 430 (for Camilla Widholm); Claire Welford 384; Fynn Titford Mock 418; Kevin Kennedy 419; Gerben Vos 28t.


Leaders: James Buckley 114; Sinead Hanrahan 283; Willy Bailey 503; Steve Brett 153.

Christopher Lyons spoke on behalf of the following sick and housebound: Jimmy Bailey, Samantha Cole, Martha Brett, Reginald Brett, Lisa O’Grady, Ian West, Karen Turner, Jackie Saunders, Wife of Robin Mitchell.

He then read the following list of names of the deceased, and led 113 in their memory: Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania, USA; Earlis McGraw—Georgia, USA; Janelle Davis—Illinois, USA; Steve Atkinson—Mountsorrel, UK; Alvin Beunaventura—California, USA; Margaret Owen—Eynsham, UK; Pamela Cannon—St. Albans, UK; Mary Kennedy—Buttevant, Ireland; Gillian Woodward—London, UK; Irene Smith—London, UK; John Beaumont—Norwich, UK; Helen Lyons—Clonmel, Ireland.

Leaders: Arthur Swindells 318; Kate Kirwan 434 (for Mathew Parkinson and Leilai Immel); Hyke Sakaras 452; Mark Wardlaw 450; Alan Williams 448t.


Erin Johnson Williams called the class back to order leading 75. Leaders: Sarah West 95; Niamh O’Sullivan 217; Barry Parsons 302; Scott Lewin 163b; Vicki Elliot 212; Rachel Wemyss 400; Gerben Vos 547; Nick Hall 162; Colin Higgins 48t; Eva Striebeck 173; Ed Johnson Williams 442; Emma Rock 372; Amanda Parkes 550; Sophie Sawicka Sykes 472; Fynn Titford Mock 456; Eimear O’Donovan 436 (for Andy Ditzler’s birthday); Kate Kirwan 200; Cath Saunt 480.


Niamh O’Sullivan called the class back to order leading 335. Leaders: Mark Wardlaw 518; Sarah West 502; Claire Shearman and Alan Williams 448b; Sinead Hanrahan 214; Hyke Sakaras 49b; Claire Welford 455; Christopher Lyons 542; Teresa Maguire 176b; Erin Johnson Williams 406; Kevin Kennedy 172; Steve Brett and Kate Kirwan 505; Julie Russell 155; Andrew Clark 496; Katie Ahern and Jessica Knights 112.

Fynn Titford Mock extended thanks to all for attending and announcements were made. He then led 362 as the closing song. Andrew Clark dismissed the class with a closing prayer.

Chairman—Fynn Titford Mock; Secretary—Daire O’Sullivan