Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church, Stockbridge, Georgia

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The 10th annual session of the Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church singing was called to order by Jessica Altman leading 101t. Elder Jesse Roberts offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jesse Karlsberg 100; Ashley Thompson 168; Rachel Hall 36b; Mike Richards 82t; Lela Crowder 121; Hayden Arp 153; Linda Baysore 88t; Asa Horvitz 122; Jesse Vear 175; Leah Latimer 358; Laura Hodges 43; Patrick Friesen 319; Glenn Latimer 277; Faye Hollis 340; David Brodeur 72t; Kate Coxon 108b; Henry Johnson 230; Andy Ditzler 93; Gedney Barclay 297; Phillip Langley 272; Isaac Green 37b; Micah Roberts 26; Dan Edwards 497; Lisa Bennett 134.


Jesse Roberts brought the class together leading 313t. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 485; David Smead 98; Ivy Hauser 68t; Aldo Ceresa 163t.

A business session was held, and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jessica Altman; Vice Chairman—Jesse Karlsberg; Secretary—Ashley Thompson.

Leaders: Mary Alice Latimer 163b; Keillor Mose 83t; Bobby Watkins 111b; Timothy Altman 40; Riley Lee 316; April Watkins and Taylor Watkins 111t; Stacey Latimer 146; Sasha Hsuczyk 387; Alex Forsyth 138t; Ruth Wampler 394; Jesse Latimer 472; Corinne Ducey 402; Becky Wright 123t; Sam Kleinman 353; Stephen Latimer 480; Amy Wells 411; Malinda Snow 29t; Caleb Silva 78; Sarah Carnell 171; Sandra Wilkinson 177. The blessing was offered by David Crawford.


Jesse Roberts brought the class back together with 139 and 475. Leaders: Eric Carnell 384; Lina Silva 65; Matt Hinton 324; Leanne Carter 32t; Richard DeLong 399b; Frances Carnell 522; John Kelso 423; Jesse Karlsberg 428; Julie Lee 123b; Mary O’Neal 178; Jessica Altman 209; Leon Carnell 268; Ruth Wampler 383; Sam Kleinman 426b; Becky Wright 192; Keillor Mose 53; Aldo Ceresa 377; Ivy Hauser 391; Jesse Roberts, Frances Carnell, and Mary Alice Latimer 142; Asa Horvitz 215; Jesse Vear 416; Gedney Barclay 329; Lina Silva and Molly Silva 56b; Rachel Hall 189; Linda Baysore 388; Ashley Thompson 300; Sasha Hsuczyk 432; Kate Coxon 187; Alex Forsyth 396; Corrine Ducey 34t; Jessica Altman, David Crawford, and Timothy Altman 66.

Following announcements, Jessica Altman and Jesse Karlsberg led 62t as the closing song. Bill Pierson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jessica Altman; Vice Chairman—Jesse Karlsberg; Secretary—Ashley Thompson