Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mulberry River Convention

Liberty Church (McCormick), Walker County, Alabama

September 6, 1997

The ninety-second session of the Mulberry River Convention was held at Liberty Church (McCormick) on Saturday before the first Sunday in September, and was called to order by Velton Chafin leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was offered by Charles Kitchens.

The class organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Edith Tate; Arranging Committee—Willodean Barton; Memorial Committee—Pauline Childers and Charles Kitchens.

Velton Chafin led songs on pages 110b and 35. Leaders: Gene Wakefield 56 (t? b?), 57; Jerry Ryan 345t, 343, 145t; Ivalene Donaldson 129; Cecil Gilliland 217, 282, 275b; Willie Mae Moon 225t, 283, 460; S. T. Reed 42, 43, 44; Pauline Childers 98, 99, 269; Hadyn Creel 85, 290, 339; Jewel Wootten 176t, 176b, 335.


The class resumed singing with Chairman Velton Chafin leading song on page 437. Leaders: J. A. Mosley 204, 75, 63; Dorothea McCowan 109, 200, 328; Charles Kitchens 326, 97, 317.

A memorial was held, and the following deceased were remembered: Estelle Napier, Bob Fannin, Willa Mae Holt, Alvin Parker,Nora Collett, Lillie Nail, Dillie Harris, Buck Aaron, Jimmy Causey, Hazel Cagle, Bertha Henson, Lola Roberson, Unie B. Howard, Tom Harper, Merle Etheridge, Buddy Tindal, Velma Kitchens, Bonnie Ashley, Barrett Ashley, Estelle Napier, Bernard Moon, Carrie Graves, Luna Harper, and Willie Blackwood. These loved ones have crossed over the river to the promised land.

The following sick and shut-ins were remembered: Vernice Calvert, Essie Calvert, Fern Kitchens, Mamie Creel, Crystal Crocker, Ruth Aaron, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Clarice Hollis, Mae Seymour, Tressie Adkins, Mary Gardner, and L. E. Hannah.

Pauline Childers led 47b; Ila Ingle led 384 and 500. Charles Kitchens closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session began with Velton Chafin leading song on page 138t. Leaders: Paul Gilliland 565b, 268, 314; Alice Mosley 354b, 457, 101t; Travis Keeton 276, 273, 475; Marie Aldridge 216, 272; John Hyde 37b, 39b, 73t; Ann Jett 77t, 448b, 327; Thurman Nall 34b, 503, 48t; Josie Hyde 496, 572, 297; Billy Williams 78, 164, 299; Flarce Creel 270, 454; Jerry Ryan 88 (t? b?), 84; Edith Tate 333, 389; Willodean Barton 277, 159.

Announcements were made, and the class was dismissed with prayer led by Charles Kitchens.

Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Edith Tate.