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Hopewell Homecoming

Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church, Oneonta, Alabama

June 11-12, 2016

Saturday, June 11

The 70th annual Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was held at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Oneonta, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in June. Terry Hullett called the class to order by leading 81t. Elder Philip Gilmore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 144; Nate Green 32t; Rebekah Gilmore 72b; Shane Wootten 36b; Philip Gilmore 76b; Nathan Stewart 100; Robert Walker 49b; Darrell Swarens 29b; Judy Caudle 313t; Chris Brown 168; Vickie See and Billy See 339; Shirley Figura 299; Henry Johnson 435 (in memory of Earlis McGraw); Adrian Eldridge 318; Ann Jett 546; Paula Oliver 217; Katherine Eldridge 143; Wanda Capps 203.


Terry Hullett brought the class back together by leading 277. Leaders: Taylor Watkins 354b; Cassie Allen 332; Paul Figura and Judy Whiting 68b (in memory of Charlie Derleth); Judy Whiting 492; Jim Aaron 47b; Hubert Nall 421; Doyle Alexander 146; Cheyenne Ivey 338, 389; Loyd Ivey 348b; Bea Aaron 568; Bridgett Kennedy 309, 37b; Tristan Gordon 399b; 474.


Terry Hullett brought the class back together by leading 89. Leaders: April Watkins 345t, 345b; Lori Graber 42; Stina Soderling 171, 162; Paula Gilmore and Philip Gilmore 512, 448t; Linda Thomas 176b; Linda Thomas and Judy Caudle 137; Linda Booth 196, 566; Brenda Dunlap 77t, 322; Bob Watkins 455, 406; B.M. Smith 225t (in memory of Earlis McGraw), 475.


Terry Hullett brought the class back together by leading 276. Leaders: Darrell Swarens and Cassie Allen 198; Chris Brown 234; Judy Whiting 208; Linda Booth 28b; Tristan Gordon 153; Stina Soderling 135; Lori Graber 150; Katherine Eldridge 125; Brenda Dunlap 82t; Adrian Eldridge 211; Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 503, 499; Nathan Stewart 189; B.M. Smith 284; Vickie See and Billy See 480; Ann Jett 269; Loyd Ivey 460; Lynne deBenedette 278t, 182; Hubert Nall 64; Doyle Alexander 63; Nate Green, Dale Green, Ken Green, Steve Green, Cindy Green, and Nathan Green 418; Cheyenne Ivey 56t; Wanda Capps and Cassie Allen 298; Robert Walker 99 (in memory of Steve Adams); Judy Caudle 183; Grace Gilmore 500; Paula Oliver 430; Rebekah Gilmore 445; Loyd Ivey 283; Bridgett Kennedy and Henry Johnson 425.

Terry Hullett led 46 as the closing song. Doyle Alexander dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 12

The Sunday session of the Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was called to order by Terry Hullett leading 32t. The morning prayer was offered by Doyle Alexander.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 129; Nate Green 61; Doyle Alexander 36b, 318; Danny Creel 170, 405; Stina Soderling 37b, 105; Philip Denney 143, 142; Terry Wootten 42, 421; B.M. Smith 30b, 270; Karen Rollins 222, 347; Jenn Dolan 77t, 64; Tristan Gordon 375, 454; Philip Gilmore 358, 294; Vickie See and Billy See 178, 33b.


Marty Wootten brought the class back together by leading 167. Leaders: Marty Wootten 176b; Rebekah Gilmore 383, 277; Cassie Allen 53, 399b; Ainslie Allen and April Watkins 217, 196; Jenny Mann 460, 148; Jared Wootten and Jamey Wootten 89, 39t; Taylor Watkins 146; Grace Gilmore 208, 542; Doug Conn 546, 200.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Philip Gilmore and Paula Gilmore. They led 348b for the following deceased: Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Tom Robinson—Texas; Sylvia Gilbert—New York; Earlis McGraw—Georgia; Bennett Green—Kansas; Steve Adams, Wayne Allcorn, Irene Byrum, Estelle Gilmore, Bernice Harvey, Bruce Moody, Elsie Moon, and Sharon Moody Noojin—Alabama; Eileen McDougal, Dave Smith, Michael Spittal, Ian Whiting, and Eileen Wilson—United Kingdom.

Philip and Paula then led 68b for the following sick and shut-ins: Janelle Davis, Karen Turner, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Cath Tyler, Jeannette DePoy, Ian West, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, S.T. Reed, Betty Sue Phillips Johnson, Dean Phillips, Hazel Brothers, and Pete Engle. Doug Conn closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Philip Gilmore brought the class back together by leading 278b. Leaders: Philip Gilmore 48t; Helen Brown 134, 475; Jackie Tanner 314; Rodney Ivey 418; Chita Blakeley 430, 172; Linda Thomas 299; Cindy Tanner 155, 198; Ted Brown 378t, 496; Randall Smith 76b; Susan Cherones 564, 300; Waylon Blakeley 138b, 73t; Nate Green and Norma Green 317, 425 (for S.T. Reed); Lynne deBenedette 556 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard), 432; Shane Wootten 440, 426t; Glenn Keeton 349, 441 (in memory of Roie Alexander); Paula Gilmore 29t, 566; Shane Wootten 571 (CB) (for Jewel Wootten); Shane Wootten and Randall Smith 501 (CB); Shane Wootten 465 (CB).

Philip Gilmore led 45t as the closing song. Marty Wootten dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore