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Shaker Meetinghouse and Francis Bliss
Birthday Singing

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Meetinghouse,
New Gloucester, Maine

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The 1st Shaker Meetinghouse and Francis Bliss Memorial Singing was held in the Meetinghouse at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Gloucester, Maine. At 1:00 p.m., Barb Ames welcomed everyone and brought the class to order leading 49t. George Lorenz offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting followed, during which Corrone Bryant moved, and the class approved, that the word “Birthday” be changed to “Memorial” in the name of this singing. Barb Ames and Meg Haskell led the class in singing the Shaker songs “My Dear Companions” and “Pretty Love and Union.” The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson—Barb Ames; Treasurer—Corrone Bryant; Arranging Committee/Secretary—Edith Berger and Pleasance Crawford.

Leaders: Peter Golden 300; Ally Talbot 480; Chris Holley 59; Elizabeth Stoddard 301; David Bliss 193; Jesse Flynn 99; Bobbie Goodell 540; Kris Paprocki 172; Bill Holt 171; Kathe Pilibosian 445; John Hughes 466; Robert Stoddard 534; Rachel Taylor 40; George Pomfret 327; Corrone Bryant 73b; Joanne Fuller 564; Chris McKnight 428; Debbie Bliss 551; Richard Schmeidler 155; Liz Cantrell 142; Karl Dise 320; Jesse Vear 163b (in memory of Roy Dow, her step-grandfather); Corrone Bryant 49b; George Sigut 503; Pat Callahan 454.


Pleasance Crawford called the class to order by leading 84. Leaders: Philippa Stoddard 418; Brian Harris 101b; Alexa Gilmore 111t; Gordon Bigelow 38b; Edith Berger 270; Julius Pasay 277; Sara Sandberg 47t; Ally Talbot 474; Barb Belknap 268; Kris Paprocki 220; Bill Holt 224; John Hughes 339; Joanne Fuller 341; George Pomfret 496; Kerry Cullinan 29t; Chris McKnight 312b; Liz Cantrell 475; Eric Sandberg 299; Richard Schmeidler 254; Karl Dise 365; Gordon Bigelow 191; George Sigut 313b; Pat Callahan 267; Brian Harris 214; Julius Pasay 274t; singers from Portland 556; singers from South Thomaston 174; singers from the Pemaquid and Boothbay peninsulas 452; singers from inland Maine 178. Barb Ames led the Shaker song “We Will All Go Home with You”.

Announcements were made. Corrone Bryant reported that expenses had been met. Edith Berger reported that thirty-seven leaders had led fifty-seven Sacred Harp songs and three Shaker songs, and that the seventy registered singers came from eight states and two provinces. Barb Ames thanked all for traveling to the singing; the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community for their hospitality; the officers and others for helping; and the cooks for providing the evening meal.

Barb Ames, Debbie Bliss, and David Bliss led 62 as the closing song. Pat Callahan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed to the Dining Room in the Dwelling House, where all joined hands with Sister Frances for a silent grace before the evening meal.


Following the meal, some of those attending the afternoon session reconvened in the rotunda of the 1893 State of Maine Building on the grounds of the Poland Springs Resort.

Leaders: Robert Stoddard 38t (CB); Liz Cantrell 54t (CB); Pleasance Crawford 96 (CB); Joanne Fuller 38b (CB); Peter Golden 505 (CB); Chris Holley 440b (CB); George Sigut 30b (CB); Jesse Flynn 27 (CB); George Dyment 186 (CB); Elizabeth Stoddard 199 (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 75 (CB); Joan Frankel 393 (CB); Brian Harris 392 (CB); Philippa Stoddard 567 (CB); Karl Dise 284 (CB).


Leaders: Liz Cantrell 44 (CB); Robert Stoddard 150 (CB); Jesse Vear 416t (CB); Pleasance Crawford 337 (CB); Joanne Fuller 411 (CB); Jocelyn Faichney 416b (CB); Chris Holley 321 (CB); Peter Golden 559 (CB); George Sigut 122 (CB); John Hughes 189 (CB); Elizabeth Stoddard 273 (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 133 (CB); Joan Frankel 492 (CB); Brian Harris 522 (CB); Philippa Stoddard 372 (CB); Karl Dise 163t (CB); Liz Cantrell 268b (CB); Robert Stoddard 378b (CB); Jesse Vear 229 (CB); Pleasance Crawford 176b (CB); Chris Holley and Jocelyn Faichney 376 (CB) (for Joanne Fuller); Joan Frankel 506 (CB); Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 527 (CB).

Chairperson—Barb Ames; Secretary—Pleasance Crawford