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East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention

Village Hall, Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

April 23-24, 2016

Saturday, April 23

The class was called to order by Ian West leading 77b. Margaret Gillanders offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham; Arranging Committee—Vicki Elliott, Joe Vickers, and Sarah West.

Leaders: Helen Brown 32t; Joe Vickers 317; Hannah Land 76b; Chris Brown 81t; Cath Ingham 354b; Rebecca Over 380t (CB); Andrew Clark 30t; Scott Lewin 485 (CB); Sarah West 268b (CB); Phil Tyler 571 (CB); Geoff Grainger 40; Judy Whiting 171; Karen Turner 72b; Mark Wardlaw 502 (CB); Kate Coxon 581 (CB); Vicki Elliott 186; Chris Brown 210 (CB); Hannah Land 96 (CB); Phil Tyler 152 (CB); Rebecca Over 482 (CB); Rosalind Oldham 155.


Mark Wardlaw reconvened the class leading 336t (CB). Leaders: Vicki Elliott 505 (CB); Sarah West 572 (CB); Ian West 105; Kuba Choinski 47t; Eimear O’Donovan 56t; Joe Vickers 230; Judy Whiting 504t (CB); Cath Ingham 350; Andrew Clark 38b; Helen Brown 39b; Karen Turner 34b; Geoff Grainger 523; Kate Coxon 474; Scott Lewin 34t; Eimear O’Donovan 177; Rosalind Oldham 480; Phil Tyler 388; Hannah Land 574 (CB); Kuba Choinski 501; Rebecca Over 273 (CB); Joe Vickers 324 (CB); Chris Brown 30t (CB); Cath Ingham 159; Mark Wardlaw 114b (CB); Vicki Elliott 140 (CB); Helen Brown 430 (CB); Andrew Clark 496; Scott Lewin 89; Judy Whiting 472; Phil Tyler 91; Kate Coxon 168. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Jonathan Stanyon.


Karen Turner reconvened the class leading 82t. Leaders: Eimear O’Donovan 212; Geoff Grainger 163b; Judy Whiting 441; Scott Lewin 440; Sarah West 208; Kuba Choinski 344; Vicki Elliott 187; Rebecca Over 514 (CB); Mark Wardlaw 449 (CB); Kate Coxon 475; Chris Brown 513t (CB); Rosalind Oldham 488 (CB); Andrew Clark 489 (CB); Hannah Land 54t (CB); Cath Ingham 144; Helen Brown 327; Joe Vickers 199 (CB); Phil Tyler 486 (CB); Rebecca Over 279 (CB); Chris Brown 478.


Sarah West reconvened the class leading 207. Leaders: Eimear O’Donovan 408 (CB); Kuba Choinski 393 (CB); Karen Turner 573 (CB); Geoff Grainger 38t (CB); Rosalind Oldham 127; Vicki Elliott 392 (CB); Andrew Clark 107 (CB); Kate Coxon 567 (CB); Scott Lewin 563 (CB); Hannah Land 98 (CB); Joe Vickers 115 (CB); Helen Brown 30b; Mark Wardlaw 587 (CB); Judy Whiting 432; Cath Ingham 473; Sarah West 477.

Helen Brown and Ian West led 323t as the closing song. Gillian White dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, April 24

The Sunday session was called to order by Ian West leading 84. Joe Vickers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 59; Vicki Elliott 559 (CB); Chris Brown 575 (CB); Karen Turner 445; Nick Hall 73b; Joy Spreadborough 496; Kuba Choinski 505 (CB); Judy Whiting 492; Rachel Jordan 36b; Kate Coxon 166; Geoff Grainger 49b; Hannah Land 335; Sarah West 389; Joe Vickers 378t; Rebecca Over 156 (CB); Scott Lewin 229 (CB); Julie Russell 472; Helen Brown and Ted Brown 546; Nick Hall 451 (CB); Hannah Land 38t (CB); Mark Wardlaw 264t (CB); Karen Turner 228; Edwin Macadam 457 (CB); Rachel Jordan 313t.


Chris Brown reconvened the class by leading 148. Leaders: Kate Coxon 328; Joy Spreadborough 31t; Kuba Choinski 178; Sheila Girling-Macadam 133; Karen Turner 467; Ted Brown 81 (CB); Scott Lewin 32t; Julie Russell 30t; Edwin Macadam 288; Rachel Jordan 564; Rebecca Over 476; Geoff Grainger 535; Anna Baldini 217; Judy Whiting 456; Nick Hall 502; Hannah Land 454; Mark Wardlaw 519 (CB); Helen Brown 134; Joe Vickers 499.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Karen Turner, who led 566 in memory of the following: Mary Newell, Ian Whiting, Eileen McDougall, Eileen Wilson, Michael Spittal, Dave Smith, Zam Walker, Helen Steven, Mike Smith, Lily Ford, Steve Woodings, Harry Greaves, Arthur Clarke, June Howieson, Roy Harris, Grenville Morris, George Reed, Brian Trowell, Jerry Wright, Thomas Robinson, C. W. Garner, George Garner, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, and Robert DuPree.

The sick and housebound lesson was conducted by Sarah West, who led 491 for the following: Sister Pippa, Earlis McGraw, Jeannette DePoy, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Shelby Sampson, Melanie Hauff, Roland Higson, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, Laura Densmore, Kirsty Grainger, Dot Green, Cath Tyler, B.M. Smith, Dave Richardson, Gordon Hoyland, and Paula Mogensen. The memorial and sick and housebound lessons were closed with a prayer offered by Ted Brown.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 544; Sheila Girling-Macadam 349; Ted Brown 77t; Kuba Choinski 112; Joy Spreadborough 390; Kate Coxon 141; Judy Whiting 150. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Kate Coxon.


The afternoon session began with Judy Whiting leading 312b. Leaders: Scott Lewin 354t; Geoff Grainger 313b; Emily Verrier 107; Rebecca Over 590 (CB); Mark Wardlaw 444b (CB); Rachel Jordan 182 (CB); Edwin Macadam 183; Julie Russell 34b; Chris Brown 464 (CB); Sarah West 268b (CB); Kate Coxon 183 (CB); Rosalind Oldham and Daniel Oldham 573 (CB); Karen Turner 511t (CB); Kuba Choinski 571 (CB); Helen Brown 392; Sheila Girling-Macadam 216; Joe Vickers 466; Joy Spreadborough 161; Nick Hall 460 (CB); Emily Verrier 410t; Ted Brown 113 (CB); Vicki Elliott 53; Mark Wardlaw 385b (CB).


The class was reconvened by Sarah West leading 180. Leaders: Kuba Choinski 49t; Hannah Land 137 (CB); Connie Baldini 146; Rebecca Over 504b (CB); Nick Hall 417; Kate Coxon 271t; Chris Brown 270; Emily Verrier 159; Edwin Macadam 474; Anna Baldini 276; Sheila Girling-Macadam 278t; Mick Verrier 106 (CB); Rosalind Oldham 284; Julie Russell 47t; Rachel Jordan 114; Scott Lewin 143.

The Chairman announced that the 2017 Convention would be held on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in April. Ian West and Helen Brown led 95b (CB) as the closing song. Hannah Land dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham