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Golden Gate Singing

Trinity Lutheran Church, Alameda, California

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The 12th annual Golden Gate Singing was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Trinity Lutheran Church, Alameda, California. The class was called to order by Linda Selph leading 61. Linda Domholt offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Erika Wilson; Vice Chairperson—Rebecca Edwards; Secretary—Betty Marvin.

Leaders: Erika Wilson 59; Betty Marvin 492; Rebecca Edwards 47t; Miranda Fetrow 40; Linda Domholt 163b (in memory of Trinity’s pastor, David Bringman); Gretchen Muller 34b; Carolyn Deacy 29t; Jack Ziegler 339; Wren Hyde 384; Susan Fetcho 371; Bob Jost 535; Inder Khalsa 315; Vicki Chung 57; Joel Chan 445; Leigh Cooper 472; David Fetcho 182; Mary Ann Ciavonne 497; Leah Coffin 113; Pat Coghlan 299; Katy Brown 35; Bob Brylawski 236.


The class was called back to order by Lindy Groening and Marie Brandis leading 101t. Leaders: Mark Godfrey 162; Hugh McGuire 217; Mary Gowins 336; Gordon Rees 476; Bernice Meagor and Linda Domholt 81t; Edward Rice 70b; Linda Booth 297; Alex Cotton 350; Annalise Perone 77t; Will Fitzgerald 532 (in honor of Janelle Davis); Carla Smith 76b; Greg Freemon 285t; Kevin Barrans 112; Emma Rose Brown 546; Ray Rechenberg 300; Eva Striebeck 306; Chris Cotter 432; Jerry Schreiber 536.


The class was called back together by Kevin Beirne leading 388. Leaders: Greg Freed 99; Sue Lindner 216; David Wright 318; Esteban Veliz 365; Leigh Cooper 284; Betsy Jeronen 548; Adam Berey 230; Jeff Begley 117; Susan Willis-Powers 538; John Wiens 361; Rogan Campbell 348t; Hans Guttmann 480; Kate Fortin 170; Corinne Serfass 65. Linda Domholt offered the prayer for the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Lindy Groening and Concetta Branson leading 73t. Leaders: Thom Fahrbach 280; Bob Schinske 187; Jennie Brown 441; Steve Helwig 479; Clarissa Fetrow 214; Peter Ross 45t (in memory of Marian Bush); Marie Brandis 212; Kevin Beirne 392; Eva Striebeck 560; David Wright 500; Chris Cotter 506; Emma Rose Brown 473; Jerry Schreiber 245; Betsy Jeronen 215; Ray Rechenberg 282; Linda Booth 196; Kevin Barrans 419; Linda Selph 172; Carla Smith 491; Hugh McGuire 140; Carolyn Deacy and Will Fitzgerald 430; Hans Guttmann 37b; Kate Fortin 179; Adam Berey 155.


The class was called back together by Rogan Campbell leading 89. Leaders: Leah Coffin 547; Gordon Rees 539; Inder Khalsa 272; Mark Godfrey 436; Clarissa Fetrow 228; Steve Helwig and Erika Wilson 446; Katy Brown 344; Annalise Perone and Esteban Veliz 235; Corinne Serfass 148; Susan Fetcho, David Fetcho, and Linda Selph 121; Jeff Begley 477; John Wiens and Thom Fahrbach 556; Mary Gowins and Jennie Brown 475; Bob Schinske 63; Edward Rice 276; Michelle Berkman 178; Rebecca Edwards 376 (in memory of Sally Coghlan).

A business meeting was held. The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The Secretary reported that at least 103 people from eight states and three countries attended, and ninety-nine songs were sung with sixty-four leaders. The Resolutions Committee, Will Fitzgerald and Linda Selph, thanked all who made the singing possible and resolved to meet again next year for the 13th annual Golden Gate Singing. Announcements of singings were made.

The officers led 62 as the closing song, and singers took the parting hand. Linda Domholt offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Erika Wilson; Vice Chairperson—Rebecca Edwards; Secretary—Betty Marvin