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Vermont Singing

First Congregational Church, Burlington, Vermont

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The annual Vermont All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Kerry Cullinan. Barbara Waters welcomed all who came from near and far. The opening prayer was offered by Joseph Penzak. Kerry Cullinan led 49t, which was followed by site announcements.

Leaders: Pete Sutherland 315; Anna Mays 480; Jonathan Spencer 324; Sinead O’Mahoney 299; Ian Smiley 99; Sarah Galper 284; Leonard Spencer 245; Paul Gauthier 31t; Ann Pearce 159; Dan Hertzler 564; Susan Jaster 485; Chelsea Smiley 155; Dhyano Pierson 42; Jesse Vear 388; Ines Luttgen 271t; Anya Skibbie 29t.


Chris Hollis called the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Troad 312b; Ian Smiley 486 (for Marsha Camp); Rachel Taylor 39b; Liz Cantrell 142; Mary Skidmore 421; Claire Hogan 481; Jocelyn Faichney 163b; Daniel Cappoet 448t; Mark Williams 269; Sophia Donforth 474; Jesse Flynn 445; Brian Harris 224; Chris Holley 74b; Pete Sutherland 37b; Anna Mays 475; Jonathan Spencer 332; Sinead O’Mahoney 183.

Marsha Camp conducted the memorial lesson. Marsha Camp read the poem “Night Herons” (by Mary Oliver) for the following sick and shut-ins: Maci Shappy, Calvin Haly, Bob Clatworthy, Laura Densmore, John Sumner, Elsie Sumner, Nancy Castle, Peter Diamondstone, and Brenda Dearborn.

Marcia read “Miss Me, But Let Me Go” (Anonymous) in memory of the following deceased: Claire Sullivan, Tony Moran, Gary Frisch, Scott Perry, Rita Trudeau, Paul LeTourneau, Adam Vera, Hunt Blair, Clint Telford—Vermont; Francis Bliss—Maine; David Strontier—Maryland and Maine; Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Angela Ricker—New Hampshire; Roberta Robson—Louisiana; Linda Stackhouse and Susan Kiaunis (Qnis)—New York; Albert LeDoux—Texas; Paul Christuph Mamon—Washington. Peter Sutherland led 267.

Leaders: Sarah Galper 48t; Leonard Spencer 236; Paul Gauthier 182; Dan Hertzler 280. Grace for the noon meal was offered by Joseph Penzak.


Paul Gauthier called the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Chelsea Smiley 440; Rachel Taylor 40; Amy Valladares 328; Sue Dwelle 127; Susan Jaster 540; Dhyano Pierson 318; Jesse Vear 172; Sonya Skibbie 340; Sara Facceney 282; Liz Cantrell 300; Kerry Cullinan 68b; Mary Skidmore 567; Clare Hogan 410b; Mark Williams 313b; Jocelyn Faichney 512; Daniel Cappoet 87; Jesse Flynn 106; Chris Holley 283; Ines Luttgen 338; Brian Harris 131b; Deidre Brown 193; Jonathan Spencer 133; Ian Spencer 383.


The class was called back to order by Ian Smiley leading 107. Leaders: Sarah Galper 209; Leonard Spencer 254; Deanna Anderson 551; Paul Gautier 302; Dan Hertzler 430; Troad 56b; Chelsea Smiley 128; Rachel Taylor 171; Amy Valladares 58; Susan Jaster 94; Dhyano Pierson 48b; Jesse Vear 378b; Anya Skibbie 228; Liz Cantrell 466; Kerry Cullinan 569b; Mary Skidmore 505; Claire Hogan 148; Sarah Facceney 457; Mark Williams 479.

In a business meeting, the Resolutions and other committee reports were given. The Secretary reported that there were 103 registrants from six states and two provinces. There were thirty-four leaders, and we sang eighty-five songs. The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. Announcements were made.

Anna Mays led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with a closing prayer offered by Mark Williams.

Chairman—Kerry Cullinan; Secretary—Peggy Kadima-Mazela