Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing

Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The North Carolina All-Day Sacred Harp Singing took place at Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina, on Saturday before the first Sunday in March. Lynda Hambourger called the class to order leading 49t. Sally Owens offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Eric Conrad; Treasurer—Rick Motylinski; Secretary—Derek Lane.

Leaders: Rick Motylinski 155; Eric Conrad 300; Kathy Kaiser and Lydia Llewellen 171; Derek Lane 48t; Tim Hambourger 86; John Fedderson 513; Anne Gilliland 143; David Wilson 276; Pamela Minor 30t; Carol Selleck 29t; James Latimer 45t; Cleve Callison 198; Xaris Martinez 293; Pat Temple 33t; Kyle Johnston 31t; Jenny Sudweeks and Lynda Hambourger 34b.


John Fedderson called the class back to order leading 107. Leaders: Mary Wright 312t; Erin Newton 534; Michael Spencer 308; Susan Hester 178; Nora Miller 326; Corinne Ducey 42; Marlen Ruegg and Lynda Hambourger 196; Mary Johnston and Lydia Llewellen 472; Gretchen Caverly 36b; Ellie Snyder 121; Chris Wolf 455; Jane Cannon 500; Adam Frey 186; Abigail Beavin 418; Ben Shirley 81t; Stephen Cole 299.


Lydia Llewellen called the class back to order leading 108b. Leaders: Tim Hambourger 181; Matt CartMill 201; Nora Miller 501; Cleve Callison 236; Mary Wright 477; Pamela Minor 84; Michael Spencer 278t; Rick Motylinski 35; Corinne Ducey 60; Jamie Latimer 163b; Nancy Ping-Robbins 50t. Sally Owens offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Eric Conrad called the class back to order leading 334. Leaders: Deborah Brogden 47b; Pat Temple 59; Kyle Johnston 99; Jesse Krikorian 480; Chris Wolf 102; Ben Shirley 266; Pat Ward 224; Abigail Beavin 384.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sally Owens to remember the following deceased: Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Edna Bjernegaard, Paul Bjernegaard, and David Bjernegaard—Utah; Ben Smith—Florida; Prennis Page, Blackwell Brogden, Bob Bryan, and Peggy Kelly—North Carolina. Suzanne Newton led 503.

Sally Owens conducted the lesson to remember the following sick and shut-ins: Julie Vea, Randy Johnsten, Mary Jo Alber, and Gayle Fitzgerald.

Deborah Brogden led 122. Lynda Hambourger led 125 at Deborah Brogden’s request.

Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 430; Eric Conrad 70b.


The second afternoon session was devoted to song selections from the Shenandoah Harmony. Eric Conrad called the class back to order leading 373 (ShH). Leaders: John Fedderson 260b (ShH); Nora Miller 69 (ShH); Jane Cannon 114 (ShH); Tim Hambourger 264b (ShH); Pat Temple 27 (ShH); Ben Shirley 20 (ShH); Jesse Krikorian 241t (ShH); Chris Wolf 309 (ShH); Abigail Beavin 276t (ShH); Mary Wright 438t (ShH); Erin Newton 3b (ShH).


Eric Conrad led 47t to begin the last session. Leaders: Carol Selleck 553; Gretchen Caverly 162; Tom Dillon 446; Rachel Mann 117; Nancy Newell 156; Ellie Snyder 148; Matt CartMill 313b; Krista Guerrieri 277; Derek Lane 268 (for Mary Arnold); Adam Frey 312b; Tim Hambourger 106; Anne Gilliland 515; Marlen Ruegg 496; Mary Johnston 344; David Wilson 40.

Announcements were made, and reports were given. Sally Owens offered the closing prayer. Eric Conrad led 62, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Eric Conrad; Secretary—Derek Lane