Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattanooga Area Sacred Harp Singing

Hixson United Methodist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee

August 16, 1997

The Chattanooga Area Sacred Harp Singers held their first singing on August 16th at Hixson United Methodist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee. David Ivey of Huntsville, Alabama taught a singing school in the morning, and a singing was conducted in the afternoon.

Linda Sides called the class to order. Linda Sides and Ottis Sides led song on page 59. Phil Summerlin offered the opening prayer. Karen Ivey called the following leaders: Judy Mincey 50b; George Seiler 183; Cora Sweatt 72b; Stuart Ivey 222; Jackie Tanner 299; Phil Tabor 142; Brenda Pena and Connie Wolfe 229; Alice Watkins 415; Jackson Harcrow 77t; Rodney Ivey 100; Jean Seiler 68b; Sarah Harcrow 354b; Phil Summerlin 30b; Richard Ivey and Macey Roache, Jr. 480, 384; Coy Ivey 63; Richard Schmeidler 474; Allison Ivey and Ivey Ellis 120, 298; Susan Harcrow 143; Linda Barnes 53; Linda Sides 47b.


Lynn McGill brought the class back to order leading song on page 551. Leaders: David Ivey 67; Sara Davis 452; Karen Ivey 129, 475; Cora Sweatt 294; Judy Mincey 287; George Seiler 178; Jackie Tanner 89; Brenda Pena 569 (t? b?); Phil Tabor 350; Rodney Ivey 137; Alice Watkins 45 (t? b?); Sarah Harcrow 37 (t? b?); Stuart Ivey 344; Jean Seiler 228; Phil Summerlin 235; Richard Ivey 567; Richard Schmeidler 84; Allison Ivey 273; Ivey Ellis 87; Linda Barnes 269; Jackson Harcrow and Macey Roache, Jr. 97, 82t; Susan Harcrow 186; Lynn McGill 268; Sara Davis 40. The class then sang “Happy Birthday” to David Ivey. Announcements were made.

The 1998 Chattanooga singing will be held on August 15 (third Saturday), at a location to be determined later. Linda Sides expressed appreciation to:

  1. David Ivey, Karen Ivey, and family;
  2. Lucille Sides and Terry Clark for their help with the lunch;
  3. and those who attended, especially those from out of state.

Linda Sides led song on page 159 as the closing song, and dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Linda Sides; Secretary—Linda Sides, assisted by David Ivey and Karen Ivey.