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Rivanna River Singing

Quaker Friends Meeting House, Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The 13th annual Rivanna River All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Beverly Yaeger leading 77b. Pat Temple offered the morning prayer. Songs were selected from the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition in the morning and from both the Sacred Harp and the Shenandoah Harmony (ShH) in the afternoon.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bridget Camden; Vice Chairman—Zachary Bullock; Treasurer—John Alexander; Secretary—Beverly Yaeger; Arranging Committee—Diane Ober, Emily Owens, and Ben Griffin.

Leaders: Bridget Camden 457; Zachary Bullock 61; John Alexander 102; Les Updike 503; Miranda Elliott Rader 34b; Mary Wright 63; Hank Schutz 143; Pat Temple 59; Gillie Campbell 66; Tristan Cleveland 274t; Emily Owens 141; Chris Wolf 319; Claire Steiner 410t; Graham Dezarn 145t; John Feddersen 280; Denver Walker 547; John delRe 278t; Joshua Barnett 207; Lydia Lewallen 445; Jim Glaser 322; Richard Green 29t.


John delRe brought the class back together leading 74b. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 206; Susan Green 171; Ateven Sanderson 155; Kathy Manning 383; Bev Yaeger 192; Zach Bullock 111t; Gillie Campbell 347; Chris Wolf 176b; Miranda Elliott Rader 448t; Jim Glaser 438; Claire Steiner 113; Josh Barnett 76b; Tristan Cleveland 112; Les Updike 373; Graham Dezarn 132; Denver Walker 404; Richard Green 47b; John Feddersen 415; Bridget Camden 111b; John delRe 354t; Lydia Lewallen 106; Hank Schutz 504; Mary Wright 405; Pat Temple 481.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Gillie Campbell leading 45t. A prayer was offered by Pat Temple.


The class was called back by John Alexander and Diane Ober leading 438 (ShH). Leaders: Matt Ference 429 (ShH); Roxanne Greenberg and Chris Wolf 57 (ShH); Kathy Manning 278 (ShH); Susan Green 266 (ShH); Jim Glaser 260 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 358 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 277; Josh Barnett 114 (ShH); Claire Steiner 260b (ShH); John Feddersen 414t (ShH); Ateven Sanderson 3b (ShH); John delRe 428 (ShH); Chris Wolf 161 (ShH); Miranda Elliott Rader 105 (ShH); Emily Owen 416 (ShH); Richard Green 140b (ShH); Denver Walker 171 (ShH); Zach Bullock 413 (ShH); Les Updike 157 (ShH); Bev Yaeger 310 (ShH).


Claire Steiner called the class back leading 307 (ShH). Leaders: Susan Green 363 (ShH); John Alexander 434 (ShH); Matt Ference 200 (ShH); Mary Wright 158b (ShH); Kelly Macklin 444b (ShH); Bridget Camden 3t (ShH); Tristan Cleveland 403 (ShH); Chris Wolf 422 (ShH); Kathy Manning 242 (ShH); John delRe 167 (ShH); Ateven Sanderson 101 (ShH); Josh Barnett 15 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 122; John Feddersen 368 (ShH).

Announcements were made and resolutions offered. Bridget Camden led the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Pat Temple.

Chairman—Bridget Camden; Vice Chairman—Zachary Bullock; Secretary—Beverly Yaeger