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Mississippi State Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 22-23, 2015

Saturday, August 22

The 86th session of the Mississippi State Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 316. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer. Mark Davis welcomed everyone and thanked Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for hosting the convention again.

Leaders: John Van Horn 155; Darlene Reynolds and Olivia Way 188 (CH); Arlon Gardner 95b (CB); Judy Whiting 472; Chris Brown 459t (CH); Nancy Van den Akker 142 (CH); Mike McNeil 172 (CH); Elizabeth Muhleisen 163b; Nathan Stewart 352; Linda Funderburg 85; Hugh McGuire 205 (CH); Warren Steel 346 (CH); Danny Creel 1 (CH); Ann Jett 149 (CH); Joe Jones 540 (WB); Allison Brown 138 (CH); Michael Walker 322 (CH). President Davis appointed Henry McGuire, Hugh McGuire, and Drew McGuire to the Business and Credentials Committee.


Mark Davis and Sandra Jager called the class back to order leading 145b (CB). Leaders: Robert Vaughn 489t (WB); Henry McGuire 543t (WB); Will McGuire 486t (WB); Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine 102 (CH) 333 (CH); Drew McGuire 552 (CB); Ryan Bowman 69 (CB); John Hollingsworth 518 (CB); Tim Gray 140 (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 168b (CH); Yancey Jett 354 (CH); Amy Wells 112; Lisa Geist 527.


Leaders: John Van Horn 146; John Plunkett 535 (WB); Wilma Mitchell and Mike McNeil 204t (CH); Bobby Caldwell 82 (CB); Susannah Gill 121t (CH); Nancy Hogan 464 (CB); Bill Hogan 522 (CB); Sarah McGuire 49t; Anders Wells 89; John Van Horn 280; Arlon Gardner 70b.


Darlene Reynolds, Hugh McGuire, and Henry McGuire brought the class back together by leading 511 (WB); Judy Whiting 492; Chris Brown 95t (WB); Nancy Van den Akker 454; Elizabeth Muhleisen 239 (CB); Nathan Stewart 572 (CB); Linda Funderburg 47b; Natalie Davis 84; Lisa Davis 528; Warren Steel 442; Danny Creel 54 (CH); Ann Jett 170 (CH); Yancey Jett 258 (CH); Regina Derstine 280 (CH); Amy Wells 384; Sarah McGuire 63; Mark Davis led 117 (CH) (for the people of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church); John Plunkett 320 (CB); Lisa Geist 456; Joe Jones 499t (WB); Alison Brown 430.

A business meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of electing officers. A motion and a second was made to keep the same officers as follows: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Chaplain—Arlon Gardner; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds.

Warren Steel announced new business concerning a trophy cup dating from 1924. It was first presented to the Webster County Old Harp Singers for their performance in the Community Singing Contest at the North Mississippi Fair, Grenada, in October, 1924. The winners presented the trophy to W.T. Gwin in appreciation of forty years of faithful service as Director. Gwin was the first president of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention when it was organized in 1929. The trophy has been preserved by Mr. Gwin’s granddaughter. Warren suggested we send the trophy to the Sacred Harp Museum in Carrollton, Georgia. John Hollingsworth suggested we wait until Sunday to vote so we could all think about what to do.

Leaders: Mark Davis 236; Michael Walker 411; Alison Brown 432 (CH); Nancy Hogan 114b (CB); Bill Hogan 186 (CH); Anders Wells 99; Hugh McGuire 487t (WB); Bill Hollingsworth 11 (CH); Drew McGuire 312t.

Announcements were made. Mark Davis, Drew McGuire, and Henry McGuire led the Drone. Mike McNeil offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 23

The Sunday session of the Mississippi State Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 101b. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Van Horn 573 (CB), 142 (CB); Darlene Reynolds, Bentley Rose, and Olivia Way 484 (CB), 189 (CH); Arlon Gardner 96 (CB), 455; Hugh McGuire 196; Judy Whiting 354t, 174; Chris Brown 50 (CH), 51 (CH); Jane Armstrong 77t, 159; Anders Wells 128, 110; Amy Wells 393 (CB), 76b (CB). Mark Davis appointed Wilma Mitchell and Mike McNeil to the Memorial Committee.


Leaders: Mark Davis 448t; Nancy Hogan 178, 392 (CB); Bill Hogan 98 (CB), 156 (CB); Nancy Van den Akker 77b, 228; Dorothea Maynard 131 (CH), 361; Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine 189, 86, 208; John Plunkett 462t (CH), 493b (CH); Nathan Stewart 107 (CH), 172. Mark Davis appointed Nathan Stewart and Bill Hogan to the Resolutions Committee and Henry McGuire, Hugh McGuire, and Drew McGuire to the Finance Committee.


Leaders: Mark Davis 136; Wilma Mitchell 490, 480; Amber Davis 216, 142; Henry McGuire 518 (CB), 98 (CH); Drew McGuire 55t (WB), 446t (WB). Arlon Gardner offered prayer before the noon meal.


Leaders: Drew McGuire 61t (CH); Will McGuire 119, 45t; Mike McNeil 286, 372 (CH); Ryan Bowman 198 (CB), 199 (CB); Helen Tester and Nathan Stewart 63; Mr. and Mrs. McLeod 569b, 112; Natalie Davis 273, 442; Erica Martinez 362 (CH), 421; Logan Hollarsmith 410t, 457; Andy Davis 254, 198; Lisa Davis 200, 504; Carey Armstrong and Jane Armstrong 209, 59.

Mike McNeil and Wilma Mitchell conducted the memorial lesson. The following sick and shut-ins were honored: Stites Gardner, Billie Gardner, Henry Reynolds, Elsie Moon, Amacia Cooper Smith, Mark A. Davis, Cath Tyler, Merle Jones, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, and Phillip Springfield. The following deceased were remembered: George Easley—Mississippi; Jimmie Ruth Hawkins Melvin and Lora Cargo—Alabama; Kate Davis—Ireland; Raymond Hamrick—Georgia. They led 239t (CH).

In a business session, it was decided to loan the trophy cup to the Sacred Harp Museum in Carrollton, Georgia. The convention retains ownership.

The report from the Business and Credentials Committee is as follows: Total money collected—$610.00; $350.00 to Antioch Primitive Baptist Church; $84.00 to minutes; $40.00 to WCPC Radio Broadcast, Houston, MS.

The report from the Resolutions Committee follows: Be it resolved that the class would like to show our appreciation and thank God for the following: The members of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for the use of their church; all those who brought food and supported this singing in their own various ways; for all the preparation put into making this a successful singing by the officers; and for the beautiful weather, and God’s great spirit of communion in this joyful praise and worship. The business meeting was closed.

Judy Whiting led 521 and Chris Brown led 28b. Announcements were made. Mark Davis, Hugh McGuire, Henry McGuire, and Drew McGuire led the Drone. The closing prayer was offered by Mike McNeil.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds