Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Independence Day Singing

Lakeview Lodge, Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama

Monday, July 6, 2015

The annual Independence Day Sacred Harp Singing was held at Lakeview Lodge, Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Rene Greene leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Jack Nelson. Rene welcomed the class, and led 112 (for Sam Sommers).

A business session was held and the following officers were retained to serve: Chairman—Rene Greene; Vice Chairman—Samuel Sommers; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging Officer—Pam Nunn.

Leaders: Judy Caudle 145t; Pam Nunn 186; Richard Mauldin 168; Bert Collins and Glenda Collins 45t; Winfred Kerr 89; Robert Chambless 84; Evelyn Lamb 326; Jack Nelson 560; Rebecca Over 224; Eugene Forbes 208; Samuel Williams 178; Judy Chambless 389 (for Karen Rollins); Micah Walter 441; Cora Wareh 169; Angela Myers 155; Hubert Nall 30t; Janelle Davis 421 (for Samuel Sommers’s family and her parents); Cecil Roberts 477; Vickie Cook 335.


Rene Greene led 217 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Laura Hodges 440; Kevin Beirne 472; Pattie Wareh 47t; Paula Oliver 318; Alvaro Witt Duarte 276; Aldo Ceresa 556 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); Daniel Bearden 160t; Lela Crowder 138b; Nicholas Thompson 283 (in memory of Bonnie Ozbolt); Chris Coughlin 75; Nicole Bowman 127; Carter Cook 128; Faiz Wareh 174; Holly Mixon 183; Isaac Lloyd and Gideon Lloyd 47b; Owen Stoddard 162; Laurel Dempsey 535; Andy Ditzler 565; Wyatt Denney 547. Philip Denney offered the blessing before the noon meal.


David Ivey led 155 during lunch at Grove Dining Hall. Rene Greene called the afternoon session to order by leading 294. Leaders: Steve Helwig 228; Vale Cofer-Shabica 99; David Brodeur 505; Jesse C. Polhemus 209; Kate Fortin 272; Steve Brett 204; Philip Denney, Karis Askin, and Eva Grace Horsley 515; Amandeep Gill and Kirk Boyer 504; Annaliza Cull 448t; Daniel Williams 74t; Anna Hinton 40; Ryan Bowman 89; Jeannette DePoy 67; Guy Bankes 28t; B.M. Smith 28b; Reba Windom 195 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard); Tarik Wareh 562; Erica Hinton 187; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 454; Mike Richards 189; Evangeline Schultz and Nathanael Schultz 106; Brian Harris 81t; Philippa Stoddard 373; Darrell Swarens 268; Donnie Simmet 68t; Matt Hinton 157.

Announcements were made. Rene Greene led 120 as the closing song. Jack Nelson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman-Rene Greene; Vice Chairman-Samuel Sommers; Secretary-Judy Caudle