Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Edwardsville Baptist Church

Edwardsville, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Edwardsville Baptist Church, Edwardsville, Alabama, was held on the first Sunday in April. Cecil Roberts called the class to order leading 56t. Jack Nelson offered the opening prayer. Cecil Roberts welcomed everyone, and then led 75.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 375, 539; Donna Bell 426t, 61; Judy Chambless 186, 415; Margaret Thacker 396, 452; John Plunkett 569t, 527; Charlene Wallace 63, 155; Samuel Williams 500, 448t; Ed Thacker 225t (in memory of Stanly Edwards), 498; Lisa Bennett 480, 408; Jack Nelson 236.


Henry Johnson brought the class back to order leading 111t. The following officers were previously elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Henry Johnson; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless. A motion was made to change the start time of the singing to 10:00 a.m. The motion was declined. The starting time of the singing remains at 9:00 a.m.

Leaders: Rene Greene and Richard DeLong 220 (for Hester Edwards, age 96, who was unable to attend the singing and listening via cell phone), 496; David Smead 156, 511; Tony Hammock 83b, 314; B.M. Smith 49b, 389; Rebecca Over 416, 197; Karen Rollins 297, 298; Robert Chambless 39b, 77b; Richard DeLong 104 (in memory of Alice Edwards), 154; Daniel Williams 48t, 126; Hayden Arp 72t (in memory of Lewis Norton), 340; Chris McKnight 45t (in memory of his mother, Pam McKnight); Virginia Dyer 454 (in memory of Lewis Norton and Pam Dryden McKnight), 193; Oscar McGuire 163b, 229.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson. She noted that it was Easter Sunday and supposed to be a happy day, but thinking about the singers that weren’t present due to either death or sickness, made it a sad day. Karen stated that now is our day of salvation and we’re all just one heartbeat away from being homeward bound. The sick and shut-ins honored were Hester Edwards, Evelyn Harris, George and Lucy Garner, S.T. Reed, and Alene Harris. The deceased remembered were Raymond Hamrick, Pam McKnight, Stanly Edwards, Josephine Denney, Lewis Norton, Bernice Thompson, Archie Gene Cheatwood, Earnest Charles, Stanley Darrin, Essie Hulsey, and Audress Gurley. Karen Rollins led 373. Henry Johnson closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Cecil Roberts thanked the class for a collection of $209.00, and asked that the amount be noted in the minutes.

Leaders: Chance Cook and Dalton Lewis 192; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 101t, 335; Pearl Guier 32t, 448b. Roy Thompson offered the blessing of the noon meal.


The class reconvened with Cecil Roberts leading 168. Leaders: Winfred Kerr 282, 146; Marilyn Bradley 159, 81t; Fallon Cook 178, 59; Ruth Daniel 378t, 47t (for Evelyn Harris); Rebecca Over 544 (for Earlis McGraw); Karen Rollins 540; Henry Johnson 289; Richard DeLong 431; B.M. Smith 138t; Robert Chambless 343; Rene Greene 142; Oscar McGuire 47b; Richard DeLong 254; Hayden Arp 245; Ed Thacker 532; Lisa Bennett 139; Daniel Williams 101b; Jack Nelson 125; Tony Hammock 348b; Samuel Williams 224; David Smead 384.

Following announcements, Cecil Roberts led 46. Ed Thacker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Henry Johnson; Secretary—Donna Bell