Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Feast and FaSoLa

Home of Mark and Lori Graber, Delavan, Illinois

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The annual Feast and FaSoLa Singing held on the fourth Saturday of January was called to order by Lori Graber leading 59. Mark Graber offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Presley Barker 481; Mary Huffman 66; Don Bardsley 313b; Stephen Huffman 28t; Terry Hogg 523; Patti Sontag 28b; Les Sontag 31t; Paul Figura 31b; John Huffman 503; Troy Plattner 191; Peggy Brayfield 183; Lori Graber 155; Janet Fraembs 475; Presley Barker 8 (MH); Mary Huffman 147 (MH); Jonathan Smith 110; Sarah Day-O’Connell 30t.


Terry Hogg called the class back to order leading 535. Leaders: Don Bardsley 441; Stephen Huffman 216; Terry Hogg 135 (MH); Patti Sontag 180 (MH); Bob Hellenga 79; Troy Plattner 318; Les Sontag 127 (MH).

Peggy Brayfield made a brief presentation about Sacred Harp music, and the shapes that are used, for the benefit of people new to the singing. Leaders: Paul Figura 501; John Huffman 189; Jeremy Day-O’Connell 49t; Peggy Brayfield 159 (MH); Lori Graber 474 (in memory of Mark’s mother, Viola Graber); Janet Fraembs 146; Presley Barker 472; Mary Huffman 365; Sarah Day-O’Connell and Micah Day-O’Connell 45t; Jonathan Smith 1 (MH); Don Bardsley 277; John Huffman 29t; Terry Hogg 142 (MH) (for Berkley Moore); Patti Sontag 86. The class sang 164 (MH) for table grace.


The afternoon session began with Presley Barker leading 276. Leaders: Les Sontag 178; John Huffman 163b; Jeremy Day-O’Connell 81t; Paul Figura 169. Mark Graber then brought out a birthday cake for Lori and the class joined him in singing birthday wishes. She blew out the candles in one breath! Leaders: Peggy Brayfield 172 (MH); Lori Graber 99; Mary Huffman 89 (MH); Jonathan Smith 391; Sarah Day-O’Connell 56b; Presley Barker 2 (MH); Don Bardsley 198; Stephen Huffman 569t; Terry Hogg 145 (MH); Patti Sontag 436; Troy Plattner 168; Les Sontag 268; John Huffman 291; Paul Figura 51 (MH); Lori Graber 334; Peggy Peryam 40; Peggy Brayfield 138 (MH).


Jonathan Smith led 76b. Leaders: Mary Huffman 91 (MH); Sarah Day-O’Connell 159; Jonathan Smith 360; Presley Barker 448t; Donald Bardsley 504; Stephen Huffman 217; Patti Sontag 313t; Terry Hogg 112; Les Sontag 299; John Huffman 182; Paul Figura 19 (MH); Peggy Brayfield 175 (MH).

Lori Graber led 347 as the closing song. Terry Hogg closed the session with prayer.

Chairman—Lori Graber; Secretary—Janet Fraembs