Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mt. Lebanon Church

Near Fayette, Alabama

June 22, 1997

The annual Sacred Harp singing was held at Mt. Lebanon Church on the fourth Sunday in June. The class was called to order by Larry Ballinger leading song on page 31b. The morning prayer was offered by Buddy Ballinger.

The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Larry Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Secretary—Johnny Humber; Arranging Committee—Lomax Ballinger.

Larry Ballinger led song on page 123t. Leaders: Gravis Ballinger 144; Albert Humber 176b; Lomax Ballinger 565; Larry Humber 45t; Teresa Guyton 480; Sherry Stover 155; Charles Humber 405; Jill Ballinger, Amber Ballinger, Amanda Ballinger, Whitney Ballinger, Courtney Cockrell, and Casie Cockrell 47b, 137; David White 371; Jerry Jenkins and Jennifer Jenkins 100; Stuart Ivey 29t; David Ballinger, Will Thompson, and Zack Thomas 111b, 72b; Wayne Baines 112; Leslie Ballinger 101t; Miranda Gilbreath 441; Richard Ivey 306; Edwin Ballinger 270.


Linton Ballinger brought the class back by leading song on page 460. Leaders: Johnny Humber 200; Janet Ballinger 318; Mae Conwill 314; Arnold Moore 290; Cindy Franklin 475; Chris Ballinger 49b; Ila Ingle 530; A. A. Malone 432; Sumner Ellis 82t; Kim Watkins 99; Bickett Howton 434; Emily Ballinger and Teresa Ballinger 196, 436; Marlon Wootten 68b; Keterina Sanders 73t; Gene Wakefield 103; Phillip Ballinger 373; Etma Bardon 216; Ronnie Ballinger 39b; Beatrice Brewer 384; Beverly Nelson, Elana Nelson, Drew Nelson, Kylie Ballinger, and Caylor Ballinger 299; Annie Lou Price 143; Brenda Robbins and Earl Ballinger 340, 76b; Jimmy Ballinger 565.


The class was called to order by Lavaughn Ballinger and David Woods leading songs on pages 313 (t? b?) and 84. Leaders: Lisa Geist 110; Lena Wakefield 546; Lamar Smith 36b; Allison Stovall 454; Clarence McCool 269; Allison Ivey 134; Velton Chafin 548; Marie Aldridge 193; Loyd Ivey 89; Edith Tate 333; Dwayne Ballinger 300; Elene Stovall 528; S. T. Reed 422; Amanda Denson 214; Elmer Conwill 298; Beth Odell and Anna Litton 217; Bud Oliver 282; Karen Ivey 532; Toney Smith 225t; Lucy Heidorn 30t; Coy Ivey 334; Joan Aldridge 198; Leon Ballinger 490; Warren Steel 522; Buell Cobb 69t; David Ivey 273; Julietta Haynes 209; Buddy Ballinger 45t; Estes Jackson 28 (t? b?); Karen Green 59; John Beasley 37b; Kyle Kelley and Toney Smith 278t; Loyd Ivey and Karen Ivey 424; Chris Ballinger 342. Larry Ballinger led song on page 62 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Earl Ballinger.

Chairman—Larry Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Secretary—Johnny Humber.