Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mt. Ebron Church Memorial Singing

Near Double Springs, Alabama

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The 108th session of the Mt. Ebron Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held on the first Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Richard Mauldin leading 72b. The opening prayer was offered by Don Keeton. Richard Mauldin led 314.

The class was organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Don Keeton; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Jayne Fulmer; Arranging Officer—Margaret Keeton.

Leaders: Don Keeton 284, 317; Jayne Fulmer 155, 273; Amber Davis 499, 276; Loretta Whitman 278b, 343; Julia Poston 108t, 89 (in memory of Wendell Wakefield); Gravis Ballinger 300, 176b; Lena Horton 146, 345b; Jerry Kitchens 30t, 56t; Perny Wakefield 159, 282; Don Keeton 76b.


The class was called back to order by Don Keeton leading 145b. Leaders: Roma Rice 64, 97; Betty Baccus, Nina Godsey, and Melinda Bell 517 (WB), 45t; Earl Ballinger 145t, 439; Faye Donaldson 430, 225t; Lisa Geist 546, 527; Larry Ballinger 540, 472; Richard Mauldin 446, 38t; Roma Rice 313t.


Don Keeton led 498 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Jayne Fulmer 454; Amber Davis 203; Earl Ballinger 200; Gravis Ballinger 111b; Jack Pate 143; Loretta Whitman 480; Larry Ballinger 157; Richard Mauldin 43 (in memory of Josie and John Hyde); Steve Adams and Richard Mauldin 378t; Jerry Kitchens 82t; Lisa Geist 528; Betty Baccus 391; Faye Donaldson 129.

Announcements were made. Don Keeton led 62 as the closing song. Richard Mauldin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Don Keeton; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Jayne Fulmer