Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church

Empire (Walker County), Alabama

June 15, 1997

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church on the third Sunday in June was called to order by John Hocutt leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by Harrison Creel. John Hocutt led song on page 30t.

The business session was held and the following officers were retained: Chairman—John Hocutt; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Kathleen C. Robbins; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams.

Leaders: Henry Guthery 543; Carla Smith 94; Elizabeth Muhleisen 121; Kathy Bowers 510; Lynn deBenedette 31t; Gail Doss 85; Charles Franklin 176t; Steve Warner 171; Bill Hogan 38b; Bernard Collard 47t; John Bailey 340; Walter S. Hartley 24b; David Stow 350; Paul Gauthier 328.


Henry Guthery called the class together leading song on page 475. Leaders: David Cooper 276; Joyce Rigby 217; Kathleen Robbins 434; Jackie Patten 551; Berkley Moore 180; Jeff Colby 148; Jeanne Schaffer 198; Elsie Moon 397; Ian West 31b; Jerry Screiber 550; Daniel Moore and Marina Moore 324; Laura Densmore 99; Nancy Van Den Akker 496; Judy Whiting 34b.


The class was called back by John Hocutt leading song on page 448b. Leaders: Edith Tate 532; Cassie Franklin 361; Carolyn Humphries 107; Ann Jett 269; Jim Carnes 436; Jane Zanichkowsky 480; Gertrude Woods 137; Karen Freund 272. A group of 15 people from England sang songs, “Lydia”, “Arise And Hail The Glorious Star”, and “Gibraltar”.


Billy Williams brought the class back leading song on page 39b. Leaders: Willie Israel 52t; Mary Oruc 49b; Sharon Kellam 160b; Flarce Creel 56t; Willodean Barton 290; Gilliland Warson 143; Jill Thompson 268; Wanda Capps 448t; Tressie Adkins 78; Howard Keating 146; Joanna Warsen 117; Cindy Franklin 189; Bobby Luna 229; Ruth Cooper 474; Gary Smith and Sarah Smith 354b; Kelley House 362; Joanne Hoover 72b; Buell Cobb 187; Lisa Goodhue 371; Harrison Creel 342; John Schaffer 313b; Martin Biggers 497; Ann Heider 344; Marlin Beasley 408; Kathy Robinson 186; Kathleen Robbins 142.

John Hocutt led song on page 236 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Jim Carnes.

Chairman—John Hocutt; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Kathleen Robbins.