Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church

Nauvoo, Alabama

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The annual Sacred Harp Singing held at Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church, Nauvoo, Alabama, on the second Sunday in May was called to order by Jimmie Gilmore and Arthur Gilmore leading 45t and 56t (in memory of the McGough, Harper, Keeton, and Jackson family members that have passed on). The opening prayer was offered by Don Keeton.

Leaders: Art Gilmore 59; Don Keeton 335, 317, 337, 274t, 275b; Becky Briggs 122, 146; Alvin Beasley 72b, 81t; Betty Baccus and Allysa 108t, 100; Dianne Welch and Don Keeton 490, 354b; Sarah Beasley 145b, 61; Jimmie Gilmore 63, 68b; Freddie Briggs 388, 141; Seth Holloway 294, 274t.

The class discussed the continuation of this singing. Two main points were discussed as follows: the singing date, which is Mother’s Day each year and the lack of attendance. Since this singing was once a vital part of the community, with good support from singers and listeners, it was a hard decision to make. It is with much regret that we decided to discontinue the singing.

The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Arthur Gilmore. Lunch was served and enjoyed by all.

Chairpersons—Arthur Gilmore and Jimmie Gilmore; Secretary—Lena Keeton