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Futral, Henry, and Nelson Memorial Singing

Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church, Goodwater, Alabama

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The annual Futral, Henry, and Nelson Memorial singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in April at Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church in Goodwater, Alabama. Jack Nelson called the class to order by leading 480 and 45t. At the request of his grandchildren, Thomas and Ansley Christmas, he led 284 (CH). The opening prayer was offered by Elder J.D. Morris.

The group voted to keep the same officers as follows: Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral; Secretary—Virginia Futral.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 75, 63; Edna Ruth Phillips 236; B.M. Smith 34b, 72b; Jerry Kitchens 48t, 39t; Tim Cook 171, 448t; Ed Thacker 176t, 176b; Judy Chambless 475, 340.


Jack Nelson led 318 to bring the class together. Leaders: Margaret Thacker 303, 452; Robert Chambless 565, 491; Terry Futral 300, 378t.

A memorial lesson was led by Jack Nelson. The following deceased were remembered: Bufrey Dean, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Harvey Clark, Rebecca Clark, Lou Cotney, Lessie Reed, C.T. Williams, and Elder Joe Burtram. The sick and shut-ins were Floy Wilder, Myrline Redmon, Audress Gurley, Charlotte Bishop, Alison Zunklei, Betty Wright, Ed Henry, and Betty Culver. Jack Nelson led 30b. Elder Ken Milner closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders; Tommy Futral 49b, 358; Gabriel Futral 47t, 77b; Virginia Futral 569b, 145b. Elder Daniel Dean offered the prayer for lunch.


The afternoon class was brought to order by Jack Nelson leading 408 and 68b. Leaders: Tom Ingram 491, 127; Robbie Anderson and Wendy Futral 146, 98; Fred Hoerr and Marty Hoerr 32b, 33b; Karen Clark 415, 47b; Roy Nelson 33t, 31t, 31b; Daniel Dean 67, 75; Myra Goss 348b, 123t; William Futral and Wendy Futral 323b, 323t; Ken Milner and Wendy Futral 159, 39b; Wendy Futral 196.

Following announcements, Elder Ken Milner offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral; Secretary—Virginia Futra