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Harpeth Valley-Priestley Miller Memorial Singing

Radnor Primitive Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The 53rd annual Harpeth Valley-Priestley Miller Memorial Singing was held at Radnor Primitive Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by David Carlton leading 171. Ron Harper offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Carlton 77t; Randy Box 63, 84; Sandie Scott 59, 29t (for Marilyn Burchett); Ron Harper 52t, 138b; Caleb Dillehay 34t, 37b; Laurens Blankers 72b, 479; Kelsey Ivey 435, 313t; Rick Hoffman 135, 441; Lewis Frost 73b, 86; Rick Fretter 49b, 107.


The class was brought back to order by Darrell Swarens leading 128 and 111b. Leaders: Kerene Box and Thelma Elliott 146, 155; Mike Penney 117, 225t (in memory of Mary Lou Reynolds, whose funeral was taking place); John Plunkett 52b, 572; Nathan Rees 570, 466; Paul Davis 159, 81t; Karen Ivey 277, 220; John Ramsey 176b, 91; Richard Ivey 458, 399b; David Ivey 573, 513; Caleb Dillehay 163b; Rick Hoffman 68b; Lewis Frost 178; Rick Fretter 148; Mike Penny 164; Kelsey Ivey 172; Darrell Swarens 198; Ron Harper 173. Ron Harper offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with David Carlton leading 501. Leaders: Laurens Blankers 334; Sandie Scott 335; Nathan Rees 439; Randy Box 455; Richard Ivey 464; John Plunkett 71; Karen Ivey 560; John Ramsey 232; Paul Davis 192.

A business meeting was held and it was voted to retain the current slate of officers as follows: Chairman—David Carlton; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Marilyn Burchett.

The singing resumed with David Ivey leading 451. Leaders: Kerene Box 146 (for her husband, Jim); David Carlton, Mary Ann Gaye, Andy Gaye, Anne Lorenze, and Virginia Kraft 236; Darrell Swarens 507 (in memory of Josie Hyde); John Ramsey 341; John Plunkett 64; David Ivey and Karen Ivey 167.

David Carlton led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Ron Harper, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David Carlton; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Marilyn Burchett