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Holmfirth Sacred Harp Singing Day

Wooldale Community Centre,
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cath Ingham called the class to order leading 49t, and welcomed everyone to sunny Wooldale (without the snow which led to the cancellation of the 2013 singing). Lisa Bodenheim offered the opening prayer.

Hannah Land taught a short introduction for the new singers, in which she led 49b, 47t, 39t, and 40.


Chris Brown called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Maria Wallace 159; Margaret Gillanders 150; Trish Bater 107; Cath Tyler 278t; Karen Turner 84; Lin James 85; Ewan Paterson 59; Anna Baldini 299; Lizzie Dye 523; Colin Monson 28t; Connie, Byron, and Issy 146; Piers Cawley 178; Mark Wardlaw 76b; Ruth Steggles 296; Dara Desmond 57; Calum Woods 230; Phil Tyler 454; Hannah Land 112. Karen Turner said Grace.


Judy Whiting called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 492; Maria Wallace 504; Piers Cawley 47b; Anna Baldini 324; Ewan Paterson 335; Ruth Steggles 500; Mark Wardlaw 300; Dara Desmond 227; Calum Woods 437; Hannah Land 436; Chris Brown 503.

Lin James conducted the memorial lesson. The deceased remembered were James Burgess and David Petrie—Scotland; Bill Gillanders—Derby; Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Mike Nunn, and C.T. Williams—Alabama, USA; Carlene Griffin and Teenie Moody—Georgia USA; Bea Gilmore—Manchester; Alan Jackson—Scunthorpe; June Atkins—Preston; and Ella Baldini.

She also spoke for the following sick and housebound; Susan Starr, Maggie Boyle, Steve Harrison, Abi Halliday, Anne Greaves-Lord, Sarah Beasley, Mary Newell, Dorothy Williams, and Helena Ross. She led 499. Hannah Land offered a prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Judy Whiting 472; Cath Tyler 430; Colin Monson 42; Karen Turner 270; Martyn Boddy 546; Lizzie Dye 313b; Cath Ingham 155; Phil Tyler 26; Trish Bater 38b.


Hannah Land called the class back to order leading 147t. Leaders: Piers Cawley 457; Dara Desmond 58; Martyn Boddy 111t; Cath Tyler and Byron Tyler 99; Calum Woods 284; Karen Turner 452; Ewan Paterson 31t; Anna Baldini 86; Mark Wardlaw 271t; Margaret Gillanders 142; Phil Tyler 332; Lin James 48t.

Cath Ingham led 62 as the closing song. Lisa Bodenheim offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Cath Ingham; Secretaries—Trish Bater and Lizzie Dye