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James River Convention

Historic St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The 22nd annual James River Convention was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November in the parish hall of Historic St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. The class was welcomed by Ben Hartland leading 207. The opening prayer was offered by John delRe.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Adrienne Robertson; Vice Chairman—Bridget Camden; Treasurer—Jane Ferguson; Secretary—Mary Wright; Arranging Committee—John Daniel delRe and Ben Hartland.

Leaders: Adrienne Robertson 455; Bridget Camden 148; Mary Wright 35; Jane Ferguson 319; Daniel Hunter 326; Mary Julia Street 546; Kelly Macklin 224; Jim Glaser 322; Joshua Barnett 385t; Pat Temple 33t; Miranda Elliott Rader 312t; Marie Martinelli 410t; Kathy Manning 448t; Harry Scott 312b; John delRe 298; Jim Strube 198; Cathryn Bearov 372; Matt Roberts 457; Don Polaski 112; Bev Yaeger 192.


The class resumed singing with Josh Barnett leading 277. Leaders: Diane Ober 497; Susan Green 171; Emily Owens 344; Lamar Matthew 162; Kathy Kaiser 480; Sandra Polaski 300; Dave Farmer 567; Nora Miller 353; Lucy Roberts 306; Mary DeNys 141; Lynda Hambourger 513; Liz Meitzler 142; Frances Schutz 504; Les Updike 373; Cathy Tucker 359.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Leyland delRe leading 70t for the following sick and shut-ins: Susan Cherones, Shelbie Sheppard, Patricia Knowles, Peter Frank, and Don Ward.

She led 267 in memory of the following deceased friends: Dianne Mennella—New York; Jeff Sheppard—Alabama; George Tutweiler—Virginia; Evelyn Steinruck—Pennsylvania; Jimmy Baines, Peter Majka, Art McNeill, Lili Seidler, Jean Yaeger, David Dean, and Ann Watlington—No state listed.

The class resumed singing with Don Polaski leading 270. Leaders: Richard Green 547; John Alexander 317; Dave Farmer 168; Clare Chapin 86; Cathryn Bearov 368; Lucy Roberts 48b; Cat Tucker 454; Gillie Campbell 178; Tim Slattery 344. John delRe offered thanks for the noon meal.


All songs led in both afternoon sessions were from the Shenandoah Harmony. The class was brought together by Diane Ober and Susan Green leading 438t (ShH). Leaders: Leyland delRe 30 (ShH); Renel Kennell 105 (ShH); Miranda Elliott Rader 403 (ShH); Adrienne Robertson 260b (ShH); Kelly Macklin 402 (ShH); Marie Martinelli 10 (ShH); Daniel Hunter 23 (ShH); Mary Julia Street 429 (ShH); Kathy Manning 128 (ShH); Lamar Matthew 264b (ShH); Susan Green 438b (ShH); Jim Glaser 127 (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 48 (ShH); Matt Roberts 411 (ShH); Jane Ferguson 106 (ShH); Jim Strube 431 (ShH); John delRe 227 (ShH); Harry Scott 238 (ShH); Bev Yaeger 424 (ShH).


Miranda Elliott Rader led 1t (ShH) to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Richard Green 140b (ShH); Emily Owens 60b (ShH); Nora Miller 120t (ShH); Lynda Hambourger 265 (ShH); Mary DeNys 11 (ShH); Clare Chapin 31 (ShH); Liz Meitzler 181 (ShH); Les Updike 296 (ShH); Diane Ober 241t (ShH); Bridget Camden 43b (ShH); Leyland delRe 33 (ShH); Tim Slattery 245 (ShH); Mary Wright 226 (ShH); Josh Barnett 242 (ShH); Pat Temple 146 (ShH); John Alexander 260t (ShH); Gillie Campbell 1b (ShH); Ben Hartland 147 (ShH); Renel Kennell 305 (ShH); Adrienne Robertson 79 (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 236b (ShH); Kelly Macklin 14 (ShH); Daniel Hunter 28b (ShH).

Les Updike thanked all who had a part in putting on the convention and all who participated. Adrienne Robertson led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. A prayer of dismissal offered by John delRe concluded the convention. The James River Convention will meet next year on Saturday before the second Sunday in November (November 8, 2014).

Chairman—Adrienne Robertson; Vice Chairman—Bridget Camden; Secretary—Mary Wright