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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Fall Session

First United Methodist Church of Springdale, Springdale, Arkansas

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Fall Session, was called to order by Bill Caldwell. He led 45t, and then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Alexis Walker 159; Dan Brittain 125; Rene Greene 542; Katy Black 348b; Chris Nicholson 569b; Mary Ellen Wilkinson 59; Darryl Criss 312b; Bonnie Whitbeck 163t; Mary Alice Ingham 314; Anita Buswell 145b; Bill Caldwell 344; Alexis Walker 99; Darryl Criss 160 (MH); Rene Greene 297; Katy Black 217; Chris Nicholson 34b; Andrew Albers 232; Mary Ellen Wilkinson 496; Darryl Criss 63.


Bill Caldwell brought the class back together leading 49b. Leaders: Bonnie Whitbeck 47t; Anita Buswell 32t; Alexis Walker 335; Dan Brittain 13 (MH); Rene Greene 155; Katy Black 177 (MH); Chris Nicholson 72b; Andrew Albers 513; Darryl Criss 282; Bonnie Whitbeck 178; Anita Buswell 73b; Alexis Walker 277; Dan Brittain 278b; Rene Greene 441; Katy Black 87; Chris Nicholson 268; Andrew Albers 14 (MH). Andrew also led 164 (MH) as our table grace.


Bill Caldwell led 180 (MH) to bring the class back into session. Leaders: Darryl Criss 38 (MH); Bonnie Whitbeck 196; Anita Buswell 148; Bill Caldwell 89 (MH); Alexis Walker 294; Dan Brittain 113 (MH).

Dan Brittain spoke and read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Daphene Causey, Mary Gardner, Shelbie Sheppard, Stanley Smith, Jewel Wootten, Melanie Albers, Josephine Denney, Carlene Griffin, Danny Griffin, Shad Miller, Curtis Owen, and Edith Owen. We sang 86 to encourage these sick and shut-ins.

Dan then read the following list of names of the deceased: Josie Hyde, Bud Oliver, Lessie Reed, Jeff Sheppard, Gertrude DeLong, and Willard Wright—Alabama; Don Buswell—Arkansas; Nick Griffin and Teenie Moody—Georgia; Lee Steinmetz—Illinois; Jim Hearne—Missouri; Diane Mennella—New York; Clayton Ezell—Tennessee. Dan led 425 in their memory. Bill Caldwell closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Katy Black 135 (MH); Chris Nicholson 30b; Andrew Albers 486 (dedicated to Shelbie Sheppard); Darryl Criss 472.


Rene Greene led 76b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Anita Buswell 480; Bill Caldwell 350; Alexis Walker 424; Dan Brittain 353, 81t, 128; Rene Greene 358; Katy Black 75 (MH); Chris Nicholson 68b; Andrew Albers 338; Darryl Criss 116; Rene Greene 200; Anita Buswell 551; Bill Caldwell 347.

Our singing was visited by a busload of people from the Oklahoma Methodist Manor in Tulsa. Announcements were made. Mary Ellen Wilkinson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bill Caldwell; Secretary—Katy Black