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The Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing was held at Warren Wilson College in the Morris Pavilion on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July in conjunction with Old Time Week. The singers were greeted by Jane Spencer, who led 49t. Ron Pen offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ron Pen 73b; Chris Wilhelm 71; Claudia Dean 105; Jonathan Wood 460; Sarah Kehrberg 481; Mary Baumeister 128; Kevin Kehrberg 300; Michael Walker 52b; Leslie Booher 163b; Mike Richards 106; Dave Farmer 168; Patty Judson and Kevin Kehrberg 86; John Plunkett 108b; Michael Spencer 420; Amanda Jokerst 378b; Jane Spencer 171; Ron Pen 455; Chris Wilhelm 201; Claudia Dean 285t; Jonathan Wood 408; Sarah Kehrberg 472; Mary Baumeister 274t; Kevin Kehrberg 569b; Erin Johnson-Hill 288.


Leaders: Jane Spencer 47t; Michael Walker 436; Leslie Booher 473; Mike Richards 276; Dave Farmer 223; John Plunkett 175; Michael Spencer 370; Amanda Jokerst 378t; Erin Johnson-Hill 290; Madeline Wadley 178; Jane Spencer 61t (CH); Ron Pen 117 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 216b (CH); Claudia Dean 535 (CH); Jonathan Wood 546b (CH); Mary Baumeister 44b (CH) (for Sharon Kellam); Sarah Kehrberg 184 (CH); Michael Walker 275 (CH); Leslie Booher 138 (CH); Mike Richards 432b (CH); Dave Farmer 107 (CH); John Plunkett 32b (CH); Michael Spencer 13 (CH); Dot Lane 235 (CH); Chris Berg 507t (CH) (in memory of Frances King); Sarah Kehrberg 77 (CH); Anya Skibbie and Mike Richards 16 (CH); Michael Walker 365 (CH). John Plunkett returned thanks for the noon meal.


Leaders: Jane Spencer 276 (CH); Claudia Dean 397t (CH); Leslie Booher 419t (CH); Mike Richards 421b (CH); Dave Farmer 367 (CH); Dot Lane 171 (CH); Chris Berg 299 (CH).

In a business meeting, Jane Spencer and Ron Pen were reelected to their respective positions. Leslie Booher was elected secretary for the 2014 singing.


Leaders: Ron Pen 103 (SoH); Chris Wilhelm 309 (SoH); Jonathan Wood 295 (SoH); Sarah Kehrberg 194 (SoH); Mary Baumeister and Kitty Reusch 151 (SoH); Michael Spencer 41 (SoH); John Plunkett 125 (SoH); Ron Pen 322 (SoH) (for Betty Smith); Chris Wilhelm 91 (SoH); Jonathan Wood 49 (SoH); Sarah Kehrberg 16 (SoH); Mary Baumeister and Kitty Reusch 134 (SoH); Michael Spencer 102 (SoH). Michael Walker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jane Spencer; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm