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Gwehelog Singing Weekend

Gwehelog Chapel, Usk, Wales, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The 14th Sacred Harp and Moody & Sankey singing weekend was held at Gwehelog Methodist Chapel in Wales. Chris Brown called the class to order by leading 34b, and welcomed everyone. Ruth Steggles offered an opening prayer.

Michael Walker taught a singing school for new singers in which he led 162, 131b, and 159.

Leaders: Judy Whiting 47t; Fynn Titford Mock 37b; Ruth Steggles 171; Anna-Christine Pridden 155; Joe Vickers 138t; Lin James 335; Scott Lewin 86; Michael Walker 96; Nigel Bowley 79; Benny Ross 128; Chris Brown, John Hopkinson, and Richard Gillion 350; Fynn Titford Mock 123b; Lin James 48t; Joe Vickers 565; Anna-Christine Pridden 276; Scott Lewin 38b; Michael Walker 460.


Ruth Steggles called the class back together by leading 135. Leaders: Nigel Bowley 32t; John Barbour 300t; Judy Whiting 472; Benny Ross 352; Chris Brown 354t; Fynn Titford Mock 280; Lin James 473; Anna-Christine Pridden 200; Joe Vickers 287; Scott Lewin 282; Fynn Titford Mock 212; Michael Walker 322; Nigel Bowley 338; Ruth Steggles 454; Benny Ross 474; Judy Whiting 72b. Lin James gave thanks for the lunchtime meal in the beautiful graveyard.


Chris Brown began the afternoon session by leading 425. Leaders: Lin James 84; Anna-Christine Pridden 217; Scott Lewin 347; John Barbour 277; Joe Vickers 228; Nigel Bowley 445; Fynn Titford Mock 362; Ruth Steggles 148; Benny Ross 53; Judy Whiting 540; Michael Walker 134.

Joe Vickers spoke for the following deceased:—Bud Oliver and Myrtle Ann Beasley—Alabama, USA; Violet Thomason—Georgia, USA; Eva Padgett—Florida, USA; David Dakin—Nottingham; Marga Mirring—Germany; Arthur Bateson—Newport Pagnell; Hilary Moss and Pete Watkins—London.

He also spoke for following the sick and housebound: Jean Fry, Bea Gilmore, Alan Jackson, Shirley Figura, Curtis Owen, Maria Wallace, Jean Ferguson, and Joe Taylor. He led 105, and offered a prayer.

Leaders: Lin James 285t; Chris Brown 541; Scott Lewin 107; Anna-Christine Pridden 106; John Barbour 40; Ruth Steggles 392.


Judy Whiting called the class to order by leading 466. Leaders: Michael Walker 31t; Benny Ross 496; Nigel Bowley 204; Fynn Titford Mock 475; Chris Brown 229; Scott Lewin 383; John Barbour 183; Lin James 523; Anna-Christine Pridden 410t; Benny Ross 441; Michael Walker 213t.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 503 as the closing song. Rev. Richard Gillion dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Chris Brown; Secretary—Amanda Collicutt