Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Victoria’s Inaugural All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

Brunswick Uniting Church Hall, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Natalie Sims welcomed everyone to this first all-day singing in Victoria, which was convened with great anticipation after 12 years of monthly local singings in Melbourne, and the recent growth of other local groups in Blackwood and Sydney. Shawn Whelan taught a brief singing school, introducing the scales and shapes, leading 45t and 40. Chaplain Morag Logan offered an opening prayer.

Leaders: Eimear Craddock 99; Melanie Albrecht 47b; Daniel Whelan 178; Thérèse Power 40; Morag Logan 312b; Angharad Davis 82t; Karina Crannitch and Cat Moser 117; Natalie Sims 335; Bill Thomson 159; Ruth McNamara 34t; Peter Rayner 63.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Natalie Sims; Treasurer—Christine Durbridge; Secretary—Shawn Whelan.


Leaders: Carrie Gentry 76t; Myfanwy Godfrey and Melanie Albrecht 107; Sherrill McKinnon 31t; Shawn Whelan 122; Eimear Craddock 448t; Melanie Albrecht 86; Thérèse Power 268; Morag Logan 496; Shawn Whelan 81t; Angharad Davis 284; Connor O’Hanlon and Shawn Whelan 457; Karina Crannitch and Cat Moser 288; Bill Thomson 146; Maggie Murphy and Ruth McNamara 277.


The class resumed singing with Carrie Gentry leading 31b. Leaders: Peter Rayner 388; Myfanwy Godfrey and Melanie Albrecht 38b; Sherill McKinnon 162.

Natalie Sims conducted the memorial lesson, quoting from the song “Nothing is lost on the breath of God” and leading 163b, after reading the following memorial list: Helen Mok, Peter Mark, Ras (Anthony) Partington, Robyn Pryor, Douglas Miller, Ross Langmead, Harry Burggraaf, Isabella Gentry, and Joan Harper.

The list of names of the sick and shut-in friends included Fiona Reddaway, Robin Schaefer, Peter Dwyer, Graeme Crichton, Di Thomassen, Kim Hancock, and Will Kelly.


Shawn Whelan called everyone to order by leading 89. Leaders: Eimear Craddock 344; Angharad Davis 371; Melanie Albrecht 209.

Shawn Whelan thanked the 50 singers present, especially those who had traveled to attend, and the host committee. Morag Logan led a closing prayer, and the traditional Melbourne closing lesson, 340, was led by Natalie Sims.

Chairman—Natalie Sims; Secretary—Shawn Whelan