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Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing

Bluemont Community Center, Bluemont, Virginia

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The 20th annual Northern Shenandoah Valley Shape Note All-Day Singing was called to order by Jim Glaser leading 68b, and offering the opening prayer.

Elections were held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Diane Ober; Vice Chairman—Jim Glaser; Secretaries—Bev Yaeger and Matt Roberts; Treasurer—Brenda Dunlap; Arranging Committee—Leyland delRe, Joshua Barnett, and Mary Helen Dupree.

Leaders: Diane Ober 32t; Beverly Yaeger 77b; Matt Roberts 455; John Alexander 33b; Thomas Ward 89; Richard Green 313b; Mary DeNys 285t; Stuart Jackson 486; John delRe 80t; Les Updike 373; Sonia Chin 192; Pat Temple 34b; Mary Helen Dupree 96; Christina Wallin 318; Jim Strube 496; Dave Barford 209; Bethany Towne 137; Angharad Davis 193; Sam Kleinman 70b.


The class was called back together by Leyland delRe leading 278b. Leaders: Lynne Hoyt 74b; Susan Green 272; Thom Fahrbach 234; Kevin Sims 34t; Julie Johnson 312b; Michael Walker 123t; Ruth Wampler 339; Dan Coppock 304; Lynda Hambourger 148; Kevin Griffin Moreno 269; Ellen Lueck 329; Matt Wells 500; Myles Louis Dakan 528; Emma Rose Brown 153; Jason Steidl 84.


The class was called back to order by Kelly Macklin leading 354t. Leaders: Ted Stokes 361; Allison Steel 507; Joel Deckard 499; Becky Wright 440; Sarah Whites-Koditschek 48t; Nathan Berry 399b; Lori Cabirac 162; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 444; Leon Pulsinelle 91.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Gillie Campbell. She reminded us that the people we name and sing for continue to be with us and live in our hearts. The songs and poetry that we sing have been sung by the people that have come before us, as well as the sick and shut-ins. Gillie Campbell then led 347 in memory of the following deceased: Deacon Cruz Johnson; Audrey Wiscera—New York; Barbara Hall—New Hampshire; Alicia Kennedy, Jack Martin, Alice Fahrbach, Becky Peapples—Michigan; Mary Ann Rebecca Jeys Wood and Jerry Jeys—Illinois; Eda Lou Keele, Carl Huyser, Joyce Barford Furumo—Wisconsin; Elizabeth Tristam Barford—Florida; Edward M. Wheeler—Vermont; Paul Silberman—New Jersey; Devon Hertzberg—District of Columbia; Gail Heil—Minnesota; Bud Oliver—Alabama; Sean Steyaert—Virginia.

Gillie Campbell led 72b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Don Ward, Bess Fitzgerald, David Wampler, David Dean, and Donald Walker.

Leaders: Debbie Barford 215; Adrian Mariano 372; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 71.


The class was called to order for the afternoon session by Nora Miller and Dan Hunter leading 131b. Leaders: Elizabeth Betz 354b; Ted Mercer 468; Kelly Kennedy 405; Matt Wells 547; Molly Bledsoe 299; Nathan Berry 170; Abby Minor 40; Terry Ryan 198; Timothy Wheeler 445; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 386; Jessica Keyes 227; Erin Johnson-Hill 200; Thom Fahrbach 273; Mary Wright 328; Willis McCumber 292; Tim Morton 236; Joni Seidenstein 182; Jill Geroca 144; Joel Miller 134; Michael Walker 558.


Rachel Hall led 106 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Grace Brady 77t; Kathy Manning 290; Peter Pate 38b; Martha Burns 47b; Tim Slattery 344; Ed Rice 48b; Ina Shea 167; Steve Hoyt 542; Kelly Kennedy & Kelly Macklin 298; Joshua Barnett & Leyland delRe 384; Nora Miller and Joel Miller 546; Liz Meitzler 213t; John delRe and John Daniel delRe 501; Emma Rose Brown and Willis McCumber 313t; Mary Langley 282; Tom Fahrbach and Oliver Kindig-Stokes 434; Dan Hunter 270; Ted Mercer 349.

Resolutions were offered by John Alexander and Diane Ober. They thanked the officers, those who helped in the kitchen, and everyone else who helped make the singing a success.

Diane Ober and John Alexander led 62 as the closing lesson. John Alexander offered the final prayer.

Chairman—Diane Ober; Vice Chairman—Jim Glaser; Secretaries—Bev Yaeger and Matt Roberts