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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The 32nd annual Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 9:07 a.m. by Keith MacAdam leading 73b. Jim Thobaben offered the opening prayer. The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and Southern Harmony were used throughout the day.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson and Treasurer—Charles H. Coulston; Organizing Committee—Ron Pen, Raphael Finkel, Jim Thobaben, Zach Davis and Keith MacAdam; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.

Leaders: Keith MacAdam 86 (for Jim Thobaben); Shawn Fenton 47t; Mary Brinkman 178; Ray Rechenberg 354t, 63 (for Ed Walton); Zach Davis 322 (SoH) (for David Beshear); Ron Pen 6b (SoH) (for Nancy Kweik); Ron Pen 146; Mary Brinkman 313b (for Joy Dunn); Keith MacAdam 569b; Zach Davis 413; Charles Coulston 299; Alana Boltz 196; Randy Webber “Aden”; Darrell Swarens 208; Shawn Fenton 70b; Eddie Mash 528; Bob Sears 354b.


The class was called back to order by Keith MacAdam leading 155. Leaders: Donna Kwon 497; Keith MacAdam 81t; Zach Davis 410t (for Terry White); Doug Trent 276; Tanner Jones 339; Matt Hyder 47b; Ron Pen 117 (for Jim Thobaben); Mary Brinkman 147t; Ray Rechenberg 203; Keith MacAdam 40 (for Anita Jones); Randy Webber 46 (SoH) (for David Beshear); Keith MacAdam 159 (for Nancy Kweik); Ron Pen 209 (for Joy Dunn).


Ron Pen conducted the memorial lesson. He gave a general memorial for all those singers now gone with whom we have connected over the years through singing, and encouraged those present to visit the historical cemetery in back of Pisgah Church. Mary Brinkman spoke of her Godmother, Caroline (Kiki) Longmoor of Missouri, who had died in April. Mary led 128. Ray Rechenberg memorialized Wilma Casenheiser, who was from Ohio. Wilma often portrayed Dr. Mary Walker, the only woman to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor for her service as a physician during the Civil War. Ray led 56 (SoH). Darrell Swarens and Eddie Mash memorialized Harrison Creel (Alabama), Bud Oliver (Alabama), and Clayton Ezell (Tennessee), acknowledging how vital they all were as organizers of their respective singings, particularly Clayton Ezell for the Tennessee State Convention. Songs led were 111b for Harrison, 270 for Bud, and 358 for Clayton. Bob Sears spoke of Orville Stein (Maryland), Willard Phelps (Kentucky), and Linda Sexton Price (Ohio). They had all been very caring people in life, and Orville Stein had served as a medical missionary and was also a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. Bob led 45t. Ron Pen memorialized Ann Dhu McLucas (Oregon). Dr. McLucas served as Dean of the School of Music and Dance at the University of Oregon where she was a professor of musicology. Her final publication was “The Musical Ear: Oral Tradition in the USA”. She participated in Society for American Music Sacred Harp Singings and sang with us in Brownsboro and Lexington. The group sang 118 for Dr. McLucas. Lorraine Bayer was noted by Ray Rechenberg on the sick and shut-ins list. Jim Thobaben offered prayer before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was convened by Rafi Finkel leading 535. Leaders: Keith MacAdam 481; Zach Davis 34t (SoH); Alana Boltz 107; Randy Webber 88 (SoH); Darrell Swarens 256 (SoH); Shawn Fenton 183; Eddie Mash 282; Donna Kwon 163b; Zach Davis 457; Ray Rechenberg 229 (for Ron Yost); Doug Trent 68b; Rafi Finkel 59 (for Jim Thobaben); Mary Brinkman 147b; Ray Rechenberg 454; Randy Webber 11 (SoH) (for David Bashear); Ed Walton 143; Zach Davis 350 (for Nancy Kweik); Ron Pen 455.


Rafi Finkel re-convened the class by leading “Zandale”. Leaders: Randy Webber 383 (for Bob Sears); Laura Earles 278t (in memory of her recently deceased mother); Keith MacAdam 268; Zach Davis 58; Alana Boltz 338; Randy Webber 66; Darrell Swarens 198; Shawn Fenton 39t; Eddie Mash 365; Randy Webber 333 (for Mary Brinkman); Keith MacAdam 28t (for Jim Thobaben); Ray Rechenberg 49b; Ray Rechenberg 34b (for Ed Walton); Zach Davis 35 (for Bob Sears); Zach Davis 335.

After announcements were made, Jim Thobaben offered a blessing for the day. Rafi Finkel led 267 while the parting hand was shared, after which the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Charles H. Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman