Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Yellow Springs

Friends Meeting House, Yellow Springs, Ohio

April 19, 1997

The fourteenth semi-annual Sacred Harp singing at Yellow Springs began with David Rust leading song on page 34b.

The class was organized with the following officers elected: Chairman—Michael Darby; Treasurer—Linda Coppock; Arranging Committee—Eloise Clark; Secretary—Marlen Rust.

Paul Foster led song on page 481, followed by a moment of silent prayer. Leaders: Eloise Clark 217; Marlen Rust 84; Linda Coppock and Julia Broadwell 159; Bob Meek 209; John Bealle 218; John Bealle 491 (requested by Christine Cox); Virginia Benade 56b; Fred Todt 40; Debbie Hall 284; Brad Oglesby 37b; Charles Wells 569b; Sandy Schultheis 31t; Bill Shetter 479; Seth Houston 142; David Wright 504; Wendy Gilchrist 335.


The class resumed singing with Paul Foster leading song on page 107. Leaders: Barbara Bauer 266; Chandler York 146; Charles Knecht 51; Michael Darby 312b; Kathy Knecht 179; Xander Knecht 348t; Linda Coppock 160 (t? b?) (requested by Barbara Olmstead); Fred Todt 415 (requested by Laura Russell); John Bayer and Hans Bayer 165; Bob Meek 49t (requested by Lauren Heeter); Anna Marie Bullock 497; Donna Purdom 454.

Linda Coppock thanked all who had come to sing from so far away. Eloise Clark led song on 49b. John Bayer said grace for the noon meal.


Michael Darby began the afternoon of singing leading song on page 128. Leaders: Barbara Bauer 66; Sylvia Thomas 171; Allison Downey 47b (her first time to lead); David Rust 225t; Eloise Clark 45t (requested by Marissa Heeter); Paul Foster 377; Marlen Rust “Captain Kidd” (in honor of Hale Bopp); Linda Coppock 542; Bob Meek 198; Virginia Benade 163b; Fred Todt 189 (requested by Catherine Kohn); John Bealle 68b (requested by Christine Cox); Seth Houston 522 (requested by Laura Russell); Maria Knecht, Josie Bealle, and John Bealle 46; Fred Todt 373; Debbie Hall 47t; Sylvia Thomas 551.


Linda Coppock brought the class to order leading song on page 212. Leaders: John Bealle 200; John Bayer and De-De Heeter 29t; Wendy Gilchrist 63; Charles Knecht 410t; Brad Oglesby 365; Sandy Schultheis 82t; Charles Wells 493. Announcements were made. Leaders: Bill Shetter 503; Seth Houston 538; Donna Purdom 86; Chandler York 268.


Michael Darby brought the class to order leading song on page 148. Leaders: Kathy Knecht 322; David Knight 411; Linda Coppock 378b (requested by Catherine Kohn); John Bayer and Henry Schuman 270; Seth Houston 277; Chandler York 155; David Knight 183; Eloise Clark, De-De Heeter, Marissa Heeter, and Lauren Heeter 59; Michael Darby 304 (for Carrie Fitzsimons).

It was noted that five people present today were at the first Yellow Springs singing.

Debbie Hall and Linda Coppock led song on page 236. Fred Todt led song on page 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Charles Knecht.

Chairman—Michael Darby; Secretary—Marlen Rust.