Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mid-Michigan Singing

Faith Lutheran Church, Okemos, Michigan

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bob Borcherding brought the class to order leading 171. Len Vanderjagt offered the opening prayer. Marian Mitchell, the intended Chairman of the singing, took ill the day before. Bob Borcherding served as Chairman. Pastor Jim Wenger of Faith Lutheran Church graciously visited Marian in the hospital early the morning of the singing, and reported that she will recover fully.

Leaders: Len Vanderjagt 38b; Anne Missavage 40; Wendy Wahn 215; Idy Kiser 32t; Charlotte Wolfe 31t; Cecelia Kramer 485; Mark Clague 47t; Bill Beverly 191; Jamie Yeats 39t; Chuck Crawford 106; Sarah Trumbore 146; Pleasance Crawford 477.


The class was brought to order by Bob Borcherding leading 189. Leaders: Liz Yeats 496; Melanie Hauff 68t; Peter Trumbore 203; Ted Mercer 139; Gillian Inksetter 228; John Seaton 147t; Judy Hauff 276; Bob Borcherding 235; Len Vanderjagt 29t; Wendy Wahn 312b; Ann Miczulski 282; Idy Kiser 49t; Charlotte Wolfe 192; Anne Missavage 66; Mark Clague 186; Cecelia Kramer 71; Bill Beverly 547.


Len Vanderjagt brought the class to order leading 155. Leaders: Nate Zweig 123t; Ann Sleeva 467; Will Fitzgerald 28b; Jamie Yeats 473; Chuck Crawford 300; Sarah Trumbore 47b; Pleasance Crawford 481; Liz Yeats 84; Melanie Hauff 498. Len Vanderjagt offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Cecelia Kramer brought the class back together leading 59. Leaders: Peter Trumbore 48b; Ted Mercer 352; Gillian Inksetter 543; John Seaton 91; Judy Hauff 542; Ann Miczulski 272; Nate Zweig 556; Ann Sleeva 448t; Bob Borcherding 383; Len Vanderjagt 344; Anne Missavage 454; Wendy Wahn 345t; Bess Fitzgerald, Carol Sue Borkholder, and Will Fitzgerald 229; Idy Kiser 448b; Charlotte Wolfe 274t.


The class was called together by Len Vanderjagt leading 49b. Leaders: Mark Clague 163b; Cecelia Kramer 168; Bill Beverly 546; Jamie Yeats 86; Chuck Crawford 324; Sarah Trumbore 154; Pleasance Crawford 564; Melanie Hauff 306; Ted Mercer 275t; Gillian Inksetter 327; John Seaton 38t; Judy Hauff 172; Ann Miczulski 373; Nate Zweig 318; Ann Sleeva 178; Will Fitzgerald 384; Peter Trumbore 277; Bess Fitzgerald 34t; Liz Yeats 133; Marcy Toon 515.

Announcements were made. Bob Borcherding led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Len Vanderjagt, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Marian Mitchell; Acting Chairman—Bob Borcherding; Secretary—Cecelia Kramer