Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont State Shape Note Convention

Plainfield Town Hall, Plainfield, Vermont

March 22, 1997

The 17th annual Vermont State Convention was held in the Plainfield Town Hall, a beautifully refurbished square room with embossed tin walls and ceiling, and wonderfully live sound. Despite the previous night’s snowfall, about 120 people attended, including a large Boston contingent and a sizable number from Quebec. Singing was from the Sacred Harp, Northern Harmony (abbreviated NH below), and the new songbook of songs by young composers just published by Northern Harmony called Endless Light (abbreviated EL below). Particularly noteworthy was the large number of teenage participants, most of them members of Larry Gordon’s group, Village Harmony. One quarter of the 31 leaders were teenagers!

The day’s officers were: Chairman—Larry Gordon; Arranging Committee—Matt Wojcik; Secretary—Beth Carpenter; Memorial Committee—Ann O’Brien and Elka Schumann; Lunch Coordinator—Linda Wells; Facilities Coordinators—Marek Pyka and Patty Cuyler.

The class was called to order by Larry Gordon leading song on page 61. Suzy Shedd led the opening prayer.

The arranging committee called the following leaders: Bob Parr 212; Ginnie Ely 389; Paul Gauthier 34b; Dan Hertzler 168; Suzy Shedd 178; Dennis O’Brien 477; Fred Emigh 191; Bill Holt 128; Katie Shimizu 209; Bruce Randall 134 (NH); Anne Kaxlauskas 52t; Patty Cuyler 344; Ann O’Brien 372; Kyle Greenlee 47b; Matt Wojcik 36 (NH); Laura Carpenter 38 (NH); Claire Woolger 272; Jane Zanichkowsky 442; Larry Gordon 528.


Larry Gordon called the class back to order leading song on page 87. The class then proceeded to sing several new compositions that participants had brought. Leaders: Bruce Randall “Piermont” (his new composition); Matt Wojcik “Comfort” (by Rosie Setford); Larry Gordon “Ranks of Corn” (EL) (by Pat McMahon); Dan Hertzler “10,000 Charms” (by Hal Kunkel).

The following leaders were then called: Ann O’Brien 327; Virginia Neville 163b; Leonard Spencer 504; Will Carpenter and Nathan Morrison 30 (NH); Mary Neville 347; Jane Zanichkowsky 66. Larry Gordon led the class in “Garden” from the Northern Harmony as a lunch blessing.


Larry Gordon called the class back to order with song on page 276. Leaders: Bill Holt 215; Ginny Ely 446; Bruce Randall 497.

Ann O’Brien and Elka Schumann led the memorial lesson using songs on pages 440 and 65.

The following leaders were then called: Anne Kazlauskas 77t; Katie Shimizu 20 (NH); Eric Hildebrandt 480; Marek Pyka 176 (NH); Paul Gauthier 542; Dennis O’Brien 189 (NH); Kyle Greenlee 198; Patty Cuyler 94 (NH); Laura Carpenter 2 (EL); Bob Parr 80 (NH); Suzy Shedd 299; Lynnette Combs 74 (NH).

Announcements were made of upcoming sings. The next Vermont Convention will be held at the same location on March 28, 1998, with Peter Amidon as Chairman. Larry Gordon led song on page 21 (EL).


Matt Wojcik called the class back to order leading his new song “Bramley”. The following leaders were called: Leonard Spencer 212 (NH); Virginia Neville 532; Mary Neville 86; Eric Hildebrandt 63; Mariek Pyka 98 (NH); Nathan Morrison and Will Carpenter 300; Dave Grundy 174 (NH); Dan Hertzler 236; Beth Carpenter 203; Lynnette Combs 538; Bruce Randall 297; Katie Shimizu 26 (EL), 142; Ginnie Ely 454; Paul Gauthier 306; Bill Holt 101t; Claire Woolger 362; Dennis O’Brien 22 (NH); Matt Wojcik 23 (EL); Larry Gordon 208. “Parting Hand” on page 62 was used to close the day of singing.

Chairman—Larry Gordon; Secretary—Beth Carpenter.