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Aldridge Memorial

Johnson Schoolhouse, Fayette County, Alabama

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The annual Aldridge Memorial Sacred Harp Singing held on the second Sunday in June at Johnson Schoolhouse (Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church) was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Darrell Swarens and Bridgett Kennedy leading 36b. The morning prayer was offered by Henry Guthery. Darrell and Bridgett led 82t.

The following officers were appointed: Chairman—Joan Aldridge; Vice Chairman—Darrell Swarens; Arranging Officer—Bridgett Kennedy; Secretary—Margaret Keeton.

Leaders: Henry Guthery 434; Scott Kennedy 55; Gary Smith 99; Richard Schmeidler 66; Martha Beverly 377; Sarah Beasley 340; Don Keeton 498; Taylor Ward 250; Virginia Eldridge 83t; Sandra Spradlin 276; Kermit Adams 273; Lori Graber 228; Cecelia Kramer 39t; Mike Hinton 318; Chuck Howell 112; Leon Pulsinelle 33b; Patty Sontag 163b; Annalise Perone 312b; Ottis Sides 530; Richard Mauldin 235; Larry Ballinger 403 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Joan Aldridge 373, 512 (in memory of Travis Keeton and Harrison Creel).


The class was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 504. Leaders: Eddie Mash 556; Anne Drexler 282; Les Sontag 178; Bea Carnathan 438; Roberta Strauss 300; Gravis Ballinger 203; Gillian Inksetter 456; Betty Baccus 396; Idy Kiser 122; Earl Ballinger 167; Steve Adams and Sandra Spradlin 378t; Jeff Begley 163t; Danny Creel 383; Chris Ballinger 270; Charlotte Ehrman 401; Ann Jett 327; Allison Davis and Gresham Davis 436; Katherine Eldridge 105; Heather Ikeler 202; Faye Donaldson 410t; James Eldridge 182; Angela Myers 216; Nathan Rees 217; Adrian Eldridge 211; Dan Brittain 355; Lucy Heidorn 155. Danny Creel offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Joan Aldridge called the class to order leading 454. Leaders: Rebecca Eldridge 500; Ken Tate 147b; Glenn Keeton, Elizabeth Keeton, Isabella Keeton, and Matthew Keeton 30t, 497; Cassie Allen and Elsie Moon 35; Cassie Allen 485; Lena Keeton, Isabella Keeton, and Matthew Keeton 200; Emily Burleson 192; Linda Sides and Matthew Sides 45t; Seth Holloway 371, 236; Chug Beasley and Ruth Nix 61; Darrell Swarens 111b; Lisa Geist 532; Bridgett Kennedy 411; Adrian Eldridge, Virginia Eldridge, Rebecca Eldridge, James Eldridge, and Katherine Eldridge 406; Les Sontag and Patty Sontag 496; Roberta Strauss and Anne Drexler 218; Gillian Inksetter 472; Martha Beverly and Idy Kiser 475; Eddie Mash and Nathan Rees 56t; Jeff Begley 27; Taylor Ward 128; Charlotte Ehrman 344; Dan Brittain 387; Mike Hinton and Richard Mauldin 339; Lori Graber 430; Richard Schmeidler 120; Heather Ikeler 135; Cecelia Kramer 106; Annalise Perone 37b; Leon Pulsinelle 198; Rebecca Eldridge 507 (for Josie Hyde).

Joan Aldridge, Darrell Swarens, and Bridgett Kennedy led 46 as the closing song. After prayer by Adrian Eldridge, the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Joan Aldridge; Vice Chairman—Darrell Swarens; Secretary—Margaret Keeton