Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lincoln Birthday Singing

University of Chicago, Ida Noyes Hall, Chicago, Illinois

February 9, 1997

The fifth annual Lincoln’s Birthday Singing at the University of Chicago’s Ida Noyes Hall was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Duran Perkins, outgoing Chairman, leading song on page 155. Rising Chairman, Samuel Sommers, led song on page 354 (t? b?), and Debra Barford, Secretary, led song on page 340. Leaders: Karen Hojnacki 340; Mark Miller 107; Lissa Blood 108 (t? b?); John Bailey 30 (t? b?); Petrina Patti 217; Bill Hamblin 106; Nathan Barford 268; Kathy Kaiser 313b; Al Frank 146; Connie Karduck 528; Paula Hatfield 159; Suzanne Flandreau 424; David Stockwell 178; Melanie Hauff 215. The class then organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Samuel Sommers; Vice Chairman—D. J. Hatfield; Secretary—Debra Barford; Arranging—Marcia Johnson and Lisa Grayson.


The class was reconvened by Samuel Sommers leading song on page 82 (t? b?). Leaders: D. J. Hatfield 208; Emmie Barford 451; Greg Harris 46; Ted Johnson 145t; David Barford 224; Warren Steel 250; Ted Mercer 266; Kathy Krug 117; Dean Slaton 500; Judy Hauff 434; Janet Borman 63; Herb Schroeder 300; Lisa Grayson 436; Marcia Johnson 218; John Greven 236; Jeremy York 34b; Wendy Wahn 501.


D. J. Hatfield brought the class together leading songs on pages 448t and 448b. Leaders: Sue Kessell 455; Peggy Sanders 535; Sam Farwell 442; David Gardner 87; Terry Hogg 112; Jim Egge 47t; Ted Johnson 76b; Samuel Sommers 196; Karen Hojnacki 198; John Bailey 532; Janet Borman 40; Debra Barford 368; Marcia Johnson and Lisa Grayson 212.

Samuel Sommers and Duran Perkins led song on page 175 as the closing song, after which singers were dismissed.

Scores of listeners and new singers dropped in throughout the day. This singing is co-sponsored by the University of Chicago Folklore Society and the date, set by the University, can vary in early February each year.

Chairman—Samuel Sommers; Vice Chairman—D. J. Hatfield; Secretary—Debra Barford.