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North Carolina Sacred Harp All-Day Singing

Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The annual North Carolina Sacred Harp singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in March at the Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina. The class was called to order by Deborah Brogden leading 49t. Sally Owens offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Lynda Hambourger; Treasurer—Don Ward; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser; Chaplain—Sally Owens.

Leaders: Lynda Hambourger 40; Pat Ward 224; Suzanne Newton 350; Derek Lane 38b; John Feddersen (no number listed); Deborah Brogden 47b; Lynda Hambourger 215; Kathy Kaiser 171; Don Ward 300; Mark Quakenbush 32t; Jamie Latimer 455; Les Updike 86; Dave Gardner 142; Tim Hambourger 106; Erin Newton 120; Rick Motylinski 64; Nancy Newell 344; Deborah Brogden 87; Mary Wakeman and Lynda Hambourger 528; Suzanne Newton 186; Bob Schreiner and Lynda Hambourger 47t; Tom Dillon 84; Derek Lane 107.


Lynda Hambourger called the class to order leading 46. Leaders: John Feddersen 236; Pat Ward 180; Tim Hambourger “Rosehill”, “Joy Divine”; Les Updike 373; Aileen Cheng 178; Bob Schreiner 28b; Tom Dillon 452; Kathy Kaiser 181; Jamie Latimer 163b; Don Ward 200; Rick Motylinski 495; John Feddersen 159; Dave Gardner 268; Tim Hambourger 501. Sally Owens offered a blessing before lunch.


Lynda Hambourger reconvened the class by leading 332. Leaders: John Feddersen 276; Lisa Brown 191; Kyle Johnston 99; Gene Anderson 441; Rick Motylinski 146; Erin Newton 546, 547.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sally Owens. Pat Ward led 392 in memory of the following deceased: Henry A. Bizzell, Caroline Carpenter, Shu Hao Jin, and Barbara Michos—North Carolina; Fred Lewis—Virginia; and Shirley Horhota. Sally Owens closed the lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Deborah Brogden 369; Stephen Cole 313b; Les Updike 128; Suzanne Newton 318; Kathy Kaiser 480; Aileen Cheng 45t; Derek Lane 347; Jamie Latimer 346; Bob Schreiner 479; Stephen Cole 496; Lisa Brown 448t; Don Ward 148.


John Feddersen called the class back to order leading 477. Leaders: Pat Ward 454; Gene Anderson 189; Erin Newton 114; Dave Gardner 66; Rick Motylinski 155; Lynda Hambourger 384; Suzanne Newton 513; Kathy Kaiser 436; Derek Lane 335; Deborah Brogden 125; Don Ward 31t; Jamie Latimer 254; Gene Anderson 147 (t? b?); John Feddersen 385b; Pat Ward 478; Suzanne Newton 63.

Lynda Hambourger led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Sally Owens.

Chairman—Lynda Hambourger; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser