Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo, Michigan

February 8, 1997

A special all day Sacred Harp singing was held in the Olmsted Room of Mandelle Hall at Kalamazoo College. Singers from Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana were among the leaders present, together with an impressive crowd of beginners and spectators.

The singing was called to order by John Fink leading song on page 47t. Samuel Sommers led the morning prayer. John Fink led song on page 49b, and called the following leaders: Warren Steel 40, 59; Zaide Pixley 47b; Pauline Childers 89.

Warren Steel then conducted a workshop for beginners on the history and practice of Sacred Harp singing, in which he also led songs on pages 36b, 39t, and 87. This class was attended by many students in the Liberal Arts Colloquium of Kalamazoo College.

Return to regular singing. Leaders: Ann Werhane 100; Jerry Enright 32b; Don Garber 178; Daryl Mayberry 511; Pat Forsberg-Smith 501; Samuel Sommers 112; Warren Steel 57; Anne Heider 362; Nancy Hejna 29t; Warren Steel 280.


The afternoon session began with John Fink leading songs on pages 155 and 186. Leaders: Kent Beck 276; Steve Warner 147t; Charlotte Wolfe 301, 128; Janet Berman 346; Zaide Pixley 183; Pauline Childers 234; Ann Werhane 117; Jerry Enright 77t; Don Garber 268; Daryl Mayberry 269, 535; Pat Forsberg-Smith 66; Samuel Sommers 528; Samuel Summers and Pauline Childers 532; Anne Heider “Evanston”; Nancy Hejna 95b, 209.


The class reconvened in the foyer of Mandelle Hall for the final hour of singing with John Fink leading songs on pages 146 and 215. Leaders: Janet Berman 28b; Kent Beck 86; Steve Warner 89, 547; Charlotte Wolfe 99; Barbara Van Eck 159; Ann Werhane 384; Jerry Enright 448t; Don Garber 156; Daryl Mayberry 82t; Pat Forsberg-Smith 341, 340; Samuel Sommers 358, 24b; Anne Heider 236; Susan Hoekema, David Hoekema, and Warren Steel 224.

Following announcements, John Fink, Zaide Pixley, and Warren Steel led the closing song on page 285t. Samuel Sommers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Fink; Vice Chairman—Zaide Pixley; Secretary—Charlotte Wolfe.