Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oldham Sacred Harp Singing Day

Oldham Baptist Church, Oldham, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The class was called to order by Hannah Land leading 32t. She offered the opening prayer. A singing school was conducted by Helen Brown, during which the class received instruction on the shape note system, the major and minor scales, and beating time. The class sang 49t, 39t, and 36b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Hannah Land; Secretaries—Judy Whiting and Chris Brown.


The class was called to order by Chris Brown leading 171. Leaders: Hannah Land 48t; Sarah West 47t; Michael Walker 435; Sarah Hill 176b; Margaret Gillanders 313t; Ian West 148; Maria Wallace 183; Ted Brown 303; Nadine Wills 49b; Michael McGuigan 448b; Joe Vickers 131t; Richard Percival 535; Ewan Paterson 277; Helen Brown 354t; Judy Whiting 492; Chris Brown 31t; Michael Walker 406; Margaret Gillanders 27. Michael Walker offered grace before the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Sarah West leading 159. Leaders: Ian West 145t; Sarah Hill 179; Ted Brown 445; Ruth Steggles 349; Michael McGuigan 156; Maria Wallace 142; Joe Vickers 313b; Nadine Wills 86; Ewan Paterson 117; Judy Whiting 71; Richard Percival 300; Helen Brown 176t; Chris Brown 298; Margaret Gillanders 556; Michael Walker 475; Sarah West 108b.

Jane Hutchins conducted the memorial lesson and the sick and housebound lesson. Hannah Land led 499 in memory of the following deceased: Linda Champ, Barbara Crawford, Gordon Corrick, Joe Reynolds, John Merritt, Marie Ivey, Stan Reeve, Philip Hunt, Phillip Higgins, Jock Knight, and Gerty Taylor.

The following sick and housebound were honored: Brenda Grimshaw, Tony Parkinson, Lonnie Rogers, Judy Chambless, Maggie Watson, David Daykin, Charlotte Walker, Peter Schoonjans, Maureen Gamlin, David George, Betty Hine, Kathy Armstrong, Cath Saunt, and Joan Mattock. Prayer was offered by Jane Hutchins, and the memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Ian West 101b; Ruth Steggles 454; Sarah Hill 319.


The class was called to order by Ted Brown leading 111b. Leaders: Joe Vickers 40; Maria Wallace 155; Ewan Paterson 163b; Michael McGuigan 515; Ruth Steggles 208; Richard Percival 344; Nadine Wills 549; Helen Brown 77t; Judy Whiting 540; Hannah Land 228; Sarah Hill 124; Michael Walker 55; Ewan Paterson 162; Joe Vickers 547; Margaret Gillanders 318; Chris Brown 35; Ted Brown 97; Sarah West 76b; Helen Brown 534.

Announcements were made. Hannah Land led 62 as the closing song, and dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Hannah Land; Secretaries—Judy Whiting and Chris Brown