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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 28th session of the Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Jeff Breting called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading 340. Carol Munro Mosley offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Susan Matthews 59t; Ann Sleeva 228; Cathryn Bearov 114; Evelyn Lamb 171; Jim Helke 54; Michael Mosley 57; Cecilia Kramer 71; David Barford 280; Bruce Voyles 344; Orwin Youngquist 33t; Melissa Kelley 383; Ryan Wheeler 277; Bill Beverly 191; John Seaton 47t.


Jeff Breting called the class to order leading 146. A business meeting was held to elect the following officers: Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Vice Chairperson—Evelyn Lamb; Memorial Lesson Officer—Cathryn Bearov; Finance Officer—Randy Neufeld; Arranging Committee—Jim Swanson, Anita Shaperd, Jeff Breting, and Ann Sleeva; Chaplain—Carol Munro Mosley; Secretary—Rochelle Lodder.

Leaders: Doug Stapleton 318; Leon Pulsinelle 345b; Micah Sommer 99; Nick Pasqual 139; Kelsey Sunderland 392; Peter Bradley 163b; JoDell Albi 195; Jim Page 193; Carol Munro Mosley 192; Marian Mitchell 532; Steve Warner 86; Sarah Davie 384. Marcia Johnson and Judy Hauff spoke on behalf of the founders, describing the early days of Chicago Sacred Harp, the first time Chicagoans traveled to Holly Springs, and getting together with the folks in Charleston to hold the first Illinois convention. Together with Sarah Davie, Ted Mercer, Ted Johnson, and Wendy Wahn, they led 189.


Susan Mathews called the class to order leading 479. Leaders: Mark Dawson 377; Ann Miczulski 361; Ted Johnson 419; Elizabeth Rechenberg and Beegee Rechenberg 282; Lisa Grayson 411; Ian Quinn 447; Michael Appert 454; Ann Missavage 122.

Susan Geil spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins. She led 68b for the following: John Mereno, Charles Pietri, Robert Smith, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Gina Balestracci, Lonnie Rogers, Richard DeLong, John Merritt, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, and Lessie Reed.

Cathryn Bearov conducted the memorial lesson. She said “We renew ourselves with lessons from the music we sing and with each other. We celebrate the lives and mourn the deaths of our fellows. We live, knowing we are better people for the gifts the dead gave to us. When you write to family members of those who have passed away, remember to write about the greatest lesson you learned from the one who is no longer alive. Remember also to pass that gift on to others. In this way, the square of Sacred Harp becomes a circle, a never broken ring of giving, receiving, and learning. It is precious. Guard it. Protect it. Grow it. Live it.”

She read the following names of the deceased, and led 330b in their memory: Herb Borcherding—Missouri; Harvey Wahn, Sr. and Edward Harold Fitzgerald—Michigan; Margaret Slute—Colorado; George Jones—Texas; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Ernestine Pipkin, Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, and Cecil Sanders—Alabama; Joyce Anderson and Robert E. McKee—Wisconsin; Frank Evans—Virginia; Becky Schieldman—Illinois; George and Lynell Stapleton—Georgia; Josephine Stapleton—Pennsylvania; Edith Roberts—Tennessee; Mary Collins—New York; and Florence Martin—unspecified. Carol Munro Mosley offered prayer to close the memorial lesson, and offered grace before the noon meal.


Susan Matthews brought the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Julie Vea 269; Debbie Barford 163t; Richard Ivey 187; Marcia Johnson 504; Johanna Fabke 505; Judy Hauff 27t; Aldo Ceresa 456; Sue Kessell 365; Melanie Hauff 271t; Martha Beverly 542; Petrina Patti, Carolyn Dwyer, and John Dwyer 217; Jeannine Oakes 107; Carol Crawford 77t; Ted Mercer 464; Wendy Wahn 480; Ray Rechenberg 300; Randy Neufeld 270; Anna Pfau 528. Randy Neufeld spoke on behalf of the finance committee, and led 102.


Michael Mosley and Charlotte Long called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Anne Heider 36b; Liisa Eckersberg 30t; David Stowe 178; Herb Schroeder, Carolyn Dwyer, and John Dwyer 332; Sarah Kierstead 105; James Crawford and Mary Crawford 546; Peggy Mistak 59; Charlotte Long 472; Rochelle Lodder 276; Jim Swanson 396; Molly Whedbee 73t; Anne Sleeva 569b; Leon Pulsinelle 485; Ian Quinn 76b; Aldo Ceresa and Peter Evan 550; Kelsey Sunderland and Richard Ivey 39b.

Susan Matthews led 62 as the closing song, and Carol Munro Mosley dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Vice Chairperson—Evelyn Lamb; Secretary—Rochelle Lodder