Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ebenezer Singing

Bluffton, Ohio

November 9, 1996

The third annual Ebenezer Singing was held on Saturday, November 9, 1996, and was called to order by Kathy Knecht leading song on page 49t. Chaplain Beth Huener led the opening prayer. Leaders: Brad Oglesby 45t; David Rust 38t; Beth Todd 99; Christine Guth 390; Beth Huener 66; James Nelson Gingerich 29t; Kay Bieszczad 276.

A business meeting was held. Chaplain Beth Huener was appointed to lead the memorial lesson in the afternoon.

Leaders: Charles Knecht 27; John Bealle 124; Charlotte Wolfe 168; Pat Forsberg-Smith 68b; Chris Sepic 479; Eloise Clark 46; Charles Wells 547; Virginia Benade 49b; Joe Todd 280.


Kathy Knecht called the class back together leading song on page 277. Leaders: Alexander Knecht 29b; Beth Todd 31t; Brad Oglesby 63; James Nelson Gingerich 102; John Bealle 84; Pauline Childers 269, 546; Charlotte Wolfe 85; David Rust 81t; Charles Knecht 209; Chris Sepic 45b; Beth Huener 183; Eloise Clark 524; Joe Todd 312b; Christine Guth 179; Charles Wells 551; Virginia Benade 313b; Charlotte Wolfe 192; Kathy Knecht 178.

The class dismissed for lunch, which was served by the women of Ebenezer Church, and sang “Holy Manna” in appreciation for their work.


James Nelson Gingerich called the class to order leading song on page 59. Leaders: David Rust 186; Beth Todd 89; Brad Oglesby 365; Charlotte Wolfe 196; Michael Darby 291; John Bealle 455; Chris Sepic 362; John Bayer, Jr. 131t; Kathy Knecht 144; Eloise Clark 475; Joe Todd 58; Beth Huener 344; Charles Knecht 444; Christine Guth 522; Charles Wells 229; Virginia Benade 30b; James Nelson Gingerich 454; David Rust 373; Beth Todd 497; Brad Oglesby 28b; Pauline Childers 224; Beth Huener 569 (t? b?).

The memorial lesson was presented by Chaplain Beth Huener, and was based on Psalm 133 which deals with the acceptance, joy, and connection with one another that this joyful joining together in song brings, even when some of our friends cannot be with us. Some of the people mentioned were: Ed Huener, father of Beth Huener and Kay Bieszczad, who went into the emergency room this morning (as of the date of the minutes he is out and is fine); those in “Church Triumphant”, specifically Welma Nelson; and another singer’s father who is ill and whose name has been misplaced.

Leaders: Michael Darby 114; Charlotte Wolfe 504; John Bayer, Jr. 278b; Chris Sepic 452; Kathryn Knecht 388; Eloise Clark 222; Joe Todd 143; Charles Knecht 191; Christine Guth 214; Charles Wells 38b; James Nelson Gingerich 430; David Rust 225t; Beth Todd 35; Brad Oglesby 127; Pauline Childers 216; Kathryn Knecht 438.


The class was called back by Fred Todt leading song on page 65. Leaders: Michael Darby 180; Charlotte Wolfe 47t; John Bayer, Jr. 165; Chris Sepic 268; Eloise Clark 532; Joe Todd 200; Charles Knecht 328; Christine Guth 106; Charles Wells 47b; James Nelson Gingerich 103; David Rust 481; Beth Todd 112; Pauline Childers 480; Pauline Childers 212; Fred Todt 86. Fred Todt led song on page 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Kathryn Knecht; Vice Chairman—Jo McCormick; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad.