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Henry Bizzell Memorial Singing

Pulliam Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in March at the Pulliam Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina. The class was called to order by John Feddersen leading 49t. Sally Owens offered the opening prayer. John Feddersen led 48t.

After brief instruction by John Feddersen, a business meeting was called. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Deborah Brogden; Vice Chairman—Lynda Hambourger; Treasurer—Don Ward; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser; Chaplain—Sally Owens. On motion of Lynda Hambourger, the 2011 North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing was renamed the Henry Bizzell Memorial Singing, in honor of the recent loss of a long-time, enthusiastic North Carolina singer.

Leaders: Nancy Newell 276; Rick Motylinski 155; Les Updike 373; Derek Lane 410t; Matt Ference 146; Don Ward 300; Mary Wright 290; Erin Newton 477; Lynda Hambourger 89; Pat Temple 39t; Jamie Latimer 163b; Suzanne Newton 350; Lisa Brown 178.


The class was brought back to order. Leaders: John Feddersen 82t, 455; Rich Hammer 452; Dave Gardner 63; Pat Ward 224; Gail Doss and Julie Lowery 148; Brad Hunnicutt 77t; Tom Dillon 569b; David Carlton 228; Gene Anderson 441; Kathy Kaiser and Mitzi Quint 163t; Harry Baya and Rick Motylinski 347; Matt Ference 368; Pat Temple 33t; Mary Wright and Wanda Hayes 328.


Lynda Hambourger led 46 to bring the class together. Leaders: Derek Lane 86; Pierce Phillips 99; Rick Motylinski and Mitzi Quint 40; Shelly Campbell and Matt Ference 294; Lisa Brown 504; Jamie Latimer 45t; Don Ward 448t; Dave Gardner 37b. The blessing before lunch was offered by Sally Owens.


The afternoon session was bought to order. Leaders: Lynda Hambourger 53; Pat Ward 117; Gail Doss 532; Suzanne Newton 472; Nancy Newell 497; Erin Newton 169, 538; Tom Dillon 446.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sally Owens. Lynda Hambourger spoke in memory of local singer Reverend Henry Bizzell, whose love of singing led him to request to be buried with his Methodist hymnal and Sacred Harp book. Sally Owens read the list of deceased singers, with statements following from members of the class. Pat Ward led 159 in memory of the following deceased: Reverend Henry Bizzell, Doris Newell, Doug Newell, and Frances Wright—North Carolina; Bob Loddenguard and Elizabeth Lindau—Virginia; Pearl Young—British Columbia; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Jerry Enright—Illinois.

Sally Owens read the list of sick and shut-ins as follows: Jeff Sheppard and Caroline Carpenter. Pat Ward led 340 in their honor.


Leaders: Rich Hammer 34b; Gene Anderson 192; David Carlton 496; Michele Dohse 268; Deborah Brogden and Erin Newton 125; Kathy Kaiser 430; Lynda Hambourger and Kyle Johnston 38b; Mary Wright 546; Matt Ference and Patti Kuny 87; Derek Lane 313b; Pat Temple 168; Gail Doss 547; Gene Anderson 480; Tom Dillon 175; Jamie Latimer 277; Suzanne Newton 198; Lisa Brown 270; David Carlton 272; Rich Hammer 52b; Don Ward 31t; Dave Gardner 47b; Michele Dohse 128; Pat Ward 408; Deborah Brogden and Lynda Hambourger 409; Kathy Kaiser 29t; John Feddersen 49b.

The Secretary reported 74 songs led by 28 leaders. Following announcements, Debra Brogden led 62 as the closing song. Sally Owens led the benediction.

Chairman—Deborah Brogden; Vice Chairman—Lynda Hambourger; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser