Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church, Near Cordele, Georgia

November 3, 1996

The seventy-seventh session of the South Georgia Singing Convention was called to order by Oscar McGuire, Chairman, leading “Webster” page 31b and “I Would See Jesus” page 75. The opening prayer was offered by Mr. Jon Robinson. The following committees were appointed by Oscar McGuire: (1) Arrangement Committee—Joyce Harrison and Oscar McGuire; (2) Nominating Committee—Raymond Hamrick and Wesley Haley; (3) Memorial Committee—Joyce Harrison and Rita Haley. Leaders: Richard Johnson 32t, 45t; Rita Haley 59, 63; Jon Robinson 235b, 155; Joyce Harrison 275b, 147t; Sharon Hamrick 306b, 276; Misty Haley 129, 334; Otis Hester 335, 277.


Leaders: Richard Johnson 273, 196; Beth Haley 479, 480; Ruth Johnson 313t, 297; Timothy Meeks 358, 318; Bonnie Rewis 143, 566; Greg Holmes 145t, Ann Corbin 304, 164; Patty Collins 490, 206; Timothy Haley 46, 282. Chairman Oscar McGuire called for the business session. Wesley Haley represented the Nominating Committee and presented a slate of officers for the coming year. Those nominated were: Richard Johnson—President; Timothy Meeks—Vice President; Rita Haley—Secretary/Treasurer; Joyce Harrison—Assistant Secretary/Treasurer; Jon Robinson—Chaplain. These officers were duly elected. The new officers’ terms began at the close of the convention. Next in business, the singings for the coming year were reviewed and changes made. The convention welcomed delegates from other singing associations. Lebanon Church was commended on the fine job the membership had done in rebuilding the church which was destroyed in a tornado one year ago. The convention agreed to donate all of the day’s collection to the general fund of Lebanon Church. The business session was then closed.


Oscar McGuire opened the afternoon session with page 37b and 171. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 300, 274t; Michael Pate 298, 127; Jon Robinson and Kay Robinson 339, 503. A memorial service was held at this time. Joyce Harrison announced the following deceased: Henry Cook and Hazel Cagle. Joyce Harrison then led songs on pages 56 (t? b?) and 503 for those deceased. Shut-ins included: Gertrude Bateman, Mildred Dumas, Sara Akin, Polly Hester, Doris Haley, and Bob Meeks. Rita Haley led songs on pages 81 (t? b?) and 122 for those mentioned. This concluded the memorial service. Leaders: Bob Corbin 323b, 401; Marjorie Robinson 569b, 39b; David Grant 287, 311.


Leaders: Richard Johnson 454; Wesley Haley 137, 460; Barry Wilkinson 30t, 31t; Luann Turner 523b, 515; Raymond Hamrick 354t, 385 (t? b?); Lamar Robinson 138b, 34t; Larry Wilkinson 100, 176b; Greg Holmes 72b; Opal Holloway 290, 341; Nada Huron 49t, 49b; Joyce Harrison 491; Georgia Ann Corbin and grandson, Jessie Oglesby 274 (t? b?), 473; Joyce Harrison 236. Richard Johnson, newly elected President, closed the convention by asking for announcements of other singings. Richard Johnson led song on page 42. Jon Robinson offered the closing prayer.

President—Oscar McGuire; Vice President—Richard Johnson; Secretary/Treasurer—Rita Haley.