Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Smyrna Sacred Harp Singing

Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church, Goodwater, Alabama

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Jack Nelson leading 480. He offered the morning prayer, and then led 314.

The class elected the following officers: Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral; Secretary—Virginia Futral.

Leaders: Wendy Futral 339, 491; Robert Chambless 32t, 303; Stanley Edwards and Marilyn Bradley 335, 340; Ann Simpson 145b, 323b; Judy Chambless 517, 549; B.M. Smith 557 (?), 318; Margie Smith 101t, 108t; Charlene Wallace 276, 297.


Jack Nelson led 560 to call the class back together. Leaders: Myrlene Redmond 569b, 358; Richard Ivey 407, 90; Eugene Forbes 189, 477; Karen Ivey 129, 373.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jack Nelson leading 30b for the following deceased: Maudie Frederick, Jerry Enright, George Seiler, Reba Norton, H.J. Jackson, Heflin Cleveland, and Billy Williams.

Eugene Forbes led 566 for the following sick and shut-ins: Audress Gurley, Vernell Amason, Gib Amason, Bob Meek, John Plunkett, Mona Nelson, Lonnie Rogers, Sheila Bishop, David Keel, Christine Bernadot, Donna Dean Phillips, and Craig Hunnicutt. Elder Louis Culver closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Nell Estes 551, 371; David Ivey 61, 92.


Jack Nelson called the class together leading 438. Leaders: Denice Burleson 196, 300; Myra Goss 380, 269; Floy Wilder 293, 349; Buell Cobb 77b, 131b; William Futral 98, 341; Roy Nelson 31b, 31t; Buell Cobb 303; Robert Chambless 452; David Ivey 319; B.M. Smith 393; Stanley Edwards and Marilyn Bradley 58; Karen Ivey 77t; Richard Ivey 374; Ann Simpson 56t; Denice Burleson 25; Eugene Forbes 426t; Jack Nelson 571 (CB).

The class closed with “What a Day That Will Be”. Elder Louis Culver dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral; Secretary—Virginia Futral