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Alpharetta Municipal Building Singing

Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The 142st annual session of the Alpharetta Municipal Building Singing was held on the second Sunday in June at Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church. Richard DeLong brought the class to order leading 32t and 61. John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Faye Holbrook 67, 494; Tony Hammock 544, 60; Susan Posey 176t, 536; Junie Wooten 510, 503; Malinda Snow 517, 472; Billy Hollingsworth 500, 236; Shannon Primm 81t, 123t; Reuben Ball 490, 497.


John Plunkett called the class to order leading 74b. Leaders: Mike Castleberry 512, 285t; Helen Bryson and Myra Phillips 287, 411; Richard DeLong 159 (by request), 45t (by request); John Hollingsworth 82t, 240; Rachel Carlisle 145t, 204; Stephanie Laubscher 47b; Sue Bunch 163b, 378b; Judy Mincey 492, 504; Morgan Bunch 163t, 107.

A business session was held with the following officers elected to serve: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Faye Holbrook and Mike Castleberry; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.


Richard DeLong called the class to order leading 72b. Leaders: Martha Ann Steger 77b, 106; Andy Morse 108b, 176b; Oscar McGuire 344, 229; Rachel Rudi 285t, 214; Helen Brown 422, 475; Violet Thomason 112, 189; Matt Hinton 168,142; Margaret Gillanders 569b, 318.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard DeLong and Jeannette DePoy. Richard DeLong spoke and led 403 and 390 in memory of Lois Hall.

Jeannette DePoy led 566 for the following sick and shut-ins: Gertrude DeLong, Lonnie Rogers, Melba Castleberry, and Cath Tyler. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by John Hollingsworth.


Faye Holbrook called the class back to order leading 45t (by request).

Leaders: Ted Brown 35, 33b; Molly Ellis 127, 77t; Peter Golden 34t, 71; Janice Paulk 448b, 478; Dianne O’Shields 481, 284; Charlene Wallace 171; Vaudie Sherer 143; Phoebe Eckhardt (no page number listed).

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong led 62 as the closing song, and offered the closing prayer.

The 2011 location for this singing has not been determined.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Faye Holbrook and Mike Castleberry; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson