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Los Angeles Regional Singing

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 18th annual Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Mary Rose O’Leary leading 31t. Al Grindon offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Duncan MacCleod 56t; Larry Arnstein 467.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected: Chairperson—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairperson—Jonathan Rand; Treasurer—Duncan MacLeod; Secretary—Larry Arnstein. We resolved to open a checking account in the name of Los Angeles Sacred Harp.

Leaders: Jonathan Rand 378b; Al Grindon 171; Pat Keating 203; John Marr 72b; Laura Boyd Russell 73t; Carla Smith 522; David Olson 235; Jeri Segal 47b; Juanita Heyerman 523; Steve Rogers 33b; Robyn Hansen 149.


Ron Huss called the class back to order by leading 515. Leaders: Carroll Lunsford 32t; Betty Herman 65; Jennifer Obeidin 110; Mary Rose O’Leary 220; Betty Marvin 121; Jeff Begley 48b; Judy Getrich 312b; Marilyn Murata 236; Ron Huss 454; Nicoletta Rogers 350; Rick Russell 501; Larry Arnstein 489; Jerry Schreiber 528; Lauren Stewart 142; Duncan MacCleod 475; Polly Henninger 391; Steve Lazicki 74b.


Carla Smith called the class back to order by leading 40. Leaders: Duncan MacCleod 61.

Mary Rose O’Leary conducted the memorial lesson. Carla Smith led 81t for the following sick and shut-ins: Mary Chamberlain, Karen Huss, Sandee Ogren, Linda Hamilton, Frank Mullen, Sherryl Ogren, Clare O’Leary, Sue Sugimoto, Fumie Murata, Susanna Ball, and Dennie Willard.

Marilyn Murata led 218 in memory of the following deceased: Mary Bess Grimes, Sr. Elizabeth Prus, June Nishimur, Cecile Marquette, Michael Mildes—California; Leonora Zacharias—Mexico; David Willard—Oregon. Al Grindon said grace for the noon meal.


Jonathan Rand called the afternoon session to order leading 27. Leaders: Natalie Hall 181; Sean Conway 178; Brian Dishon 268; Steve Rogers and Nicoletta Rogers 96 (HS); Juanita Heyerman 421; Betty Marvin 371; Lauren Stewart 448t; John Marr 319; Jerry Schreiber 245; Judy Getrich 128; Carla Smith 124; Laura Boyd Russell 440; Pat Keating 192; Al Grindon 174.


Carroll Lunsford and Sean Conway called the class back to order by leading 229. Leaders: Larry Arnstein 569b; Carroll Lunsford 204; Betty Herman 383; Jennifer Obeidin 196; Mary Rose O’Leary 155; Marilyn Murata 456; Mike Laube 28t; Polly Henninger 186; Steve Lazicki 86; Duncan MacCleod 168; Rick Russell 162; Jonathan Rand 36t; Robyn Hansen 254; David Olson 340; Jeff Begley 77t.


Juanita Heyerman called the class back to order leading 401. Leaders: Jeri Segal 159; Natalie Hall 183; Sean Conway 163t; Brian Dishon 277; Megan Dougher 53; Nicoletta Rogers and Steve Rogers 34b.

A business meeting was held to hear reports. The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The Secretary reported that 75 songs were led by 30 leaders. There were an additional 13 in attendance.

Mary Rose O’Leary led 276 as the closing song. Al Grindon offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairperson—Jonathan Rand; Secretary—Larry Arnstein