Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Seventh Annual Louisiana State Convention

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

October 5, 1996

The convention was called to order by the Chairman, Rick McLain. Randy Myers, pastor of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, offered the opening prayer. A brief school was given on shapes and scales. Leaders: Jim Fields 63; Rick McLain 133; Nancy Van Den Akker 59; Harry Eskew 178; Elizabeth Muhleisen 66; Chip Wise 34b; A. E. Probst 68b; Virginia Fields 354b; Georgia Kanode 136. Election of officers: Chairman—Jim Fields; Vice Chairman—Frances Roper; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker. It was decided that for the next sing, notices were to be sent via internet, to those on the mailing list, to various shape note newsletters, and others. The singing date was changed to the Saturday before the first Sunday in October, as a regular date; the next state sing will therefore be at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church on October 4, 1997.


Leaders: Jim Fields 58; R. J. Wade 47t; John Kanode 128; Judy Papa 145b; Jim Myers 282; John Merritt 358, 101t; Brenda Merritt 168, 460; Jim Fields 333; Rick McLain 38t; Harry Eskew brought his students from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to the middle of the square to jointly lead 45 (t? b?). Before breaking for lunch, grace was offered by R. J. Wade.


The Memorial Lesson was called. Harry Eskew led 285t for the deceased: Gloria Van Den Akker, Claude Wilkerson, Dwan Brown, and Margaret Collier. For the sick and others needing to be remembered in prayer, 267 was led: Jeffrey Slattery and family, Faye

and Phillip Fields, Sam Papa, Johnnie Johnson, Clydell McLain, Jane Jones, Ralph Heath, Olga Holcomb, Ed Craig, and Alcie Craig.

Leaders: Nancy Van Den Akker 480; Brad Pope 198; Wallace McKenzie 284, 155; Regina Glass 297; Chip Wise 59; Elizabeth Muhleisen 503; A. E. Probst 268; Virginia Fields 452; Georgia Kanode 348b; John Kanode 105; Jim Myers 40; John Merritt 300; Brenda Merritt 47b. The report of registration was given: Louisiana—30; Mississippi—6; for a total registration of 36 (t? b?). A collection was taken for the expenses of the singing, and a report of monies spent and collected was presented. Leaders: Jim Fields 530, 464; Harry Eskew 146; Brad Pope 48 (t? b?); Wallace McKenzie 49b. Announcements were made of upcoming singings. John Merritt offered the closing prayer, and Jim Fields led song on page 62.

Chairman—Jim Fields; Vice Chairman—Frances Roper; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.