Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Poland Sacred Harp Singing

Dominican Priory, Ul. Freta 10; Warsaw, Poland

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The 1st Poland Sacred Harp Singing was held as a conclusion of a Sacred Harp singing school taught by Allison Blake Schofield (Old Chatham, New York) on October 22-25, 2009.

Before the singing the following officers were elected: Chairman—Blazej Matusiak OP; Vice Chairman—Allison Blake Schofield; Secretary—Mikolaj Pietruch; Chaplain—Blazej Matusiak OP; Singing Order Officer—Magdalena Rybak. Pitches of the opening sounds before each song were given by Allison Schofield.

Blazej Matusiak OP led the opening song 33b, followed by an opening prayer and welcoming speech by Blazej Matusiak OP.

Leaders: Blazej Matusiak OP 300; Allison Schofield 542; Mikolaj Pietruch 335; Katarzyna Dudek 274t; Magdalena Rybak 278t; Anna Falat and Renata Stachura 146; Malgorzata Maciejewska 178; Barbara Borkowicz 268; Jacek Borkowicz 282; Magdalena Gryszko 47b; Alma Kucharska 201; Marta Wnukiewicz 86; Paulina Truczynska 155; Marek Pawlowski 131b; Justyna Orlikowska 39t; Jakub Lipski 203; Malgorzata Perycz 49t; Tomasz Mochon 335.

Blazej Matusiak OP led 503 as the closing song. The closing prayer, concluding speech, and invitation to the regular singings in Warsaw was given by Blazej Matusiak OP.

Chairman—Blazej Matusiak OP; Vice Chairman—Allison Blake Schofield; Secretary—Mikolaj Pietruch