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Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Scott County, Forest, Mississippi

August 22-23, 2009

Saturday, August 22

The 81st annual session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention convened at Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi, on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in August, for two days of worship in song service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. President Mark Davis called the meeting to order by leading 37b. He welcomed everyone to the convention. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Mark Davis 36b; John L. Van Horn 200, 209; Arlon Gardner 67; Jean Gray 82t, 63; Darlene Reynolds 484 (CB), 248 (CH) (for Marsha Hedrick and Bruce).

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John L. Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray; Assistant Secretary—Darlene Reynolds; Chaplains—Arlon Gardner and W.M. Allen; Arranging Committee—Junie McNeil and Nancy Van Den Akker; Business and Credentials Committee—Hugh McGuire, Henry McGuire, and Tim Gray; Memorial Committee—John Hollingsworth and Wanda Gregg.

Leaders: Baron Powers 268, 85; Wanda Gregg 460, 40; Jeanette Nelson 171, 455; Elizabeth Murleisen 75 (CH), 503; Hans Gutterman 38b (CB), 505 (CB); Velton Chafin 316 (CH), 308 (CH).


Leaders: Hugh McGuire 124, 276; Sarah Smith 572 (CB); John Hollingsworth 182, 176t; Billy Hollingsworth 232 (CB), 235 (CB); Bobby Caldwell 216t (CH), 55b (CH); Madeline Freeman, Will Freeman, Haley Gray, and Heidi Gray 354b, 45t (CB); Ann Steel 378b, 318; Ross Brand 270 (CB), 380t (CB). The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Arlon Gardner.


After a bountiful and delicious lunch, John Van Horn brought the class to order by leading 358. President Davis thanked Mr. Alfred Bailey and the people of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for their hospitality and led 117 (CH). Leaders: Danny Creel 354t (CH), 82b (CH); Renee Eady 214 (CH); Ken Tate 54 (CH), 64 (CH); Henry McGuire 442; Henry McGuire and Tim Gray 240 (in memory of Durward Scarborough); Warren Steel 212, 213t; Emily Mayes Massey 184 (CH); John Merritt 559 (CB) (for Brenda Merritt), 138t (CB); T.J. Funderburk 282, 569b; Nancy Van Den Akker 133 (CH), 142 (CH); Seth Holloway 571 (CB), 388 (CB).


Mark Davis brought the class together leading 384. Leaders: Tim Gray, Haley Gray, Heidi Gray, Madelyn Freeman, and Will Freeman 323 (CH), 500 (CB); Hugh Bill McGuire, Hugh McGuire, and Henry McGuire 51 (CH), 472; Linda Funderburk 361, 290; Mike McNeil 522 (CB), 172 (CH); John Todd 127, 172; Wilma Mitchell 147t; Wilma Mitchell and Mike McNeil 204t (CH) (in memory of Bennie Rigdon); Junie McNeil 43 (CH), 253 (CH).

Announcements were made. President Davis dismissed the class until 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The Drone was sung, and the class was dismissed with prayer offered by Chaplain Gardner.

Sunday, August 23

President Mark Davis opened the Sunday morning session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Convention by leading 176b. He welcomed everyone back to the convention. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer. President Davis appointed Mike McNeil and Hans Gutterman to the Resolutions Committee.

Leaders: Mark Davis 106; John Van Horn 120, 215; Arlon Gardner and Peth Gardner 277, 272; Jean Gray 143, 108t; Darlene Reynolds 335, 490; Jeanette Nelson 344, 482; Baron Powers 119, 79; Gary Smith 281b (CH), 30b (CH).


The class was brought back together by John Van Horn leading 355 (CH). Leaders: Nancy Van Den Akker 339 (CH), 251 (CH); Hans Gutterman 372 (CH), 511t (CB); Sarah Smith 85b (CH), 101 (CH); Wanda Gregg 186, 288; Hugh McGuire 234, 350 (CH); Billy Hollingsworth 225t (CB), 225t (CH).


The afternoon session was opened by Arlon Gardner leading 155. Leaders: Natalie Davis 572 (CB), 354b; John Hollingsworth 354t; Elizabeth Murliesen 515, 64; Mike McNeil 176 (CH), 322 (CH); Wilma Mitchell 68b, 480 (in memory of Janice Nelson); Hugh Bill McGuire 65, 196; Junie McNeil 503 (CB), 344; Henry McGuire 254, 269.

A business meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. The Business and Credentials Committee reported 3 county conventions represented, and sufficient donations to cover expenses.

The Memorial Committee conducted the memorial lesson. The following list of names of sick and shut-ins was read: Marsha Hedrick, W.M. Allen, Charles Porter, and Clarence McCool. Wanda Gregg offered an uplifting prayer for all the sick and shut-ins. John Hollingsworth and Wanda Gregg led 95b (CB) in their honor.

The following list of names of deceased members was read: Joe Cobb—Mississippi; Dr. William Reynolds—Tennessee, Art Deason—Alabama; John Etheridge—Florida. Wanda Gregg offered a prayer of blessing for these people and for their families, and led 347 in their memory.

The Resolutions Committee reported the following: Thanks to our Heavenly Father for this weekend of singing and fellowship; a special thank you to Antioch Church, all of the visitors (some who traveled a great distance), and for two wonderful days of delicious food. All committee reports were accepted. President Davis appointed the following to serve as the Location Committee: Mark Davis, Henry McGuire, and John Van Horn.


Leaders: Hugh McGuire 408; Billy Hollingsworth 507b (CB); Gary Smith 171; Jeanette Nelson 488b (CB); Baron Powers 81t; Sarah Smith 149 (CH); Nancy Van Den Akker 178; Hans Gutterman 38t (CB); John Hollingsworth 393t (CB); Seth Holloway 294.

Announcements were made. A motion and second were made to close the convention. The Drone was the closing song, and John Van Horn offered the closing prayer.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John L. Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray