Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Bear Creek Convention

Shady Grove Church - Winston County, Alabama

August 24, 1996

The ninety-eighth session of the Bear Creek Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Church in Winston County on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Travis Keeton leading song on page 48t. B. B. Mattox led the morning prayer. Travis Keeton led song on page 75. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Dawson Adams; Vice Chairman—Gene Wakefield; Secretary—Pernie Pelfrey; Arranging Committee—John Hyde. Dawson Adams led song on page 44. Leaders: Ashley Owens 108t, 410t; Cecil Wakefield 61, 129; B. B. Mattox 42, 37b, 101t; Azilee Adams 34t, 337; Gene Wakefield 100, 103, 56t; Avelene Donaldson 39b, 274 (t? b?); Roma Rice 104, 109; Stella Pratt 334, 147 (t? b?).


Travis Keeton called the class to order by leading song on page 131b. Leaders: Roxie Keeton 82t, 544b; Hubert Hood 49b, 569b; Travis Keeton 57 for Rose Altha Taylor; Lorene Gray 47t, 47b; Ila Ingle 270, 436, 434; Ada Godsey 40, 28b; Mae Conwill 34b, 35, 63; Josie Hyde 551 for Larry Riddle.


The afternoon session resumed with Dawson Adams leading song on page 68b. Leaders: Tom Harper 112, 172, 300, 384; Gladys Bonds 111b, 81t; Pernie Pelfrey 475, 74b; Milford Watts 203, 460, 385 (t? b?).

In the next session, we will remember the sick and shut-ins. We miss them very much. Those remembered: L. E. Hannah, Lola Roberson, Ora Lee Fannin, Robert Fannin, Emily Jones, and Oscar Jones. Also remembered were the singers that have recently passed on: Fred Berry, Tommy Creel, and Agnes Hocutt. Leaders: Margaret Keeton 97, 225 (t? b?), 144, 432; Elmer Conwill 422, 179; Amanda Denson 297, 179; Josie Hyde 137, remembering Lola Roberson and Tom Roberson, 511, 470 for L. E. Hannah who is at home very sick; Loretta Whitman 340, 272, 105; John Hyde 168, 313t, 159 for Tom Roberson and Lola Roberson; Blanton Adaire 30t, 75, 335; Kermit Adams 426t, 426b; Ashley Owens 480; Bradley Allen 385b. Dawson Adams and Gene Wakefield led song on page 62 for the closing song. The closing prayer was given by Blanton Adaire.

Chairman—Dawson Adams; Vice Chairman—Gene Wakefield; Secretary—Pernie Pelfrey.