Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Sacred Harp Singing School and Singing

Home of John and Elsie Hollingsworth, Ila, Georgia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For the second consecutive year, the day began with a singing school conducted by Hugh McGraw. After presentation of the rudiments, he led 49t and 64. Leaders: Robert Boone 347; Steve Walker 49b; Marshall Gagné 268; Stephanie Tingler 77b; Gwendolyn Boone 113; Michael Spencer 335; Shannon Primm 334; Ariella Perry 448t.


Hugh McGraw brought the class back to order leading 448b, an example of a tune that uses D.C. notation. Leaders: Mary Baumeister 499b; Phillip Langley 30t; Steve Walker 39t; Chris Wilhelm 87; Becky Walker 117; Winston Stephens 503; Billy Hollingsworth 146; Robert Kelley 272; Lela Crowder 121; Charlene Wallace 63; Hugh McGraw 85; Shannon Primm 250 (for Lee Rogers); Jeanne Marsh 178, 100; John Hollingsworth 290.

John Hollingsworth shared that he had just received word that Lee Rogers had passed away. He called on Robert Kelley to lead 475 in her memory. John Hollingsworth closed the session with prayer, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


John Hollingsworth called the class back to order leading 176t. In a brief business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm; Arranging Committee—Chris Wilhelm. The business session was concluded.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 381; Michael Spencer 420; Shannon Primm 548; Marshall Gagné 38b; Billy Hollingsworth 186; Mary Baumeister 184; Robert Boone 147t; Jeanne Marsh 401; Stephanie Tingler 527; Steve Walker 73b; Charlene Wallace 141; Ariella Perry 142; Winston Stephens 354t; Becky Walker 480; Robert Kelley 481; Michael Spencer 370; Shannon Primm 163b; Marshall Gagné 384; Billy Hollingsworth 236; Mary Baumeister 211; Jeanne Marsh 354b; Hugh McGraw 500.


Robert Kelley called the class back together leading 73t. In another brief business session, the class voted to name this singing the Lee Rogers Memorial Singing. The tunebooks to be used will be decided later.

Leaders: Stephanie Tingler 32t; Steve Walker 107; Ariella Perry 318; Becky Walker 441; Michael Spencer 111b; Shannon Primm 192; Marshall Gagné 522; Billy Hollingsworth 287; Mary Baumeister 78; Chris Wilhelm 203; John Hollingsworth 196; Stephanie Tingler 454; Steve Walker 58; Ariella Perry 168; Becky Walker 145t.

Following announcements, Robert Kelley led 330b and John Hollingsworth closed with prayer.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm